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When it comes to competitive video gaming, Portugal is one of the best places to be, with a thriving competitive scene and many top-level tournaments to choose from. However, the main problem for future bettors is finding a quality and reputable sportsbook.

Thankfully though, there are some great options available right now. So whether you’re looking for the best place to bet on Fortnite, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or any other game, in this article, you will find which are the best esports bookmakers in Portugal and much more!

Full List Of The Best Portuguese Esports Betting Sites

If you are having trouble finding the best betting sites in Portugal, we can’t blame you since Portugal is one of the European nations that enforce the strictest regulations on gambling. As a result, many companies are hesitant to offer their services in Portugal, while others don’t have the resources to provide a great esports betting experience.

This is where we at Esports-Gamblers come in. We have tested a plethora of online betting sites, and we can recommend the ones most fitting for esports bettors, with excellent betting features and high-security levels. You can find popular sports betting sites like Betway and 888bet but also more gaming-oriented choices like the famous Evobet and more!

Online Esports Betting In Portugal

Portugal’s strict regulations work as a double edge sword for esports bettors, dividing the gaming community down the middle.

On the one hand, you can be 100% sure that any online gambling site that is operating in Portugal is trustworthy and audited by the state, but on the other hand, many bookmakers will not try to operate in Portugal because it is too complicated to follow every rule and regulation. Even prominent online bookies like Bet365 find it too costly to operate in this country.

esports betting portugal

That being said, the esports betting scene in the country is on the rise, and the main culprit might be the COVID-19 pandemic. As with many countries around the world, the online gambling revenue of Portugal increased dramatically during the lockdown periods. While land-based revenue plummeted in 2021, online sports betting revenue skyrocketed 101% from the previous quarter of 2020.

Following the global trend, the viewership of esports is increasing yearly, and more and more people are getting familiar with this new form of entertainment. Unfortunately, there are no official statistics published by the Regulação e Inspeção de Jogos (SRIJ), which is responsible for monitoring online gambling in Portugal, but from all available data, esports betting is on the rise.

The Most Popular Esports In Portugal

Even though Portugal is not as big as Brazil or as active in the esports world, Portuguese people really enjoy video games, with a significant percentage of the population claiming to be gamers. Moreover, numerous players had their humble beginnings in Portugal, and many Portuguese teams have played a central role in shaping the esports world.

popular esports

The most popular esports in Portugal are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, FIFA, Dota 2, Rocket League, Call of Duty, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, and Fortnite. Like in most countries, most viewers and players are involved in the CS:GO scene since it has the most popular esports competitive ecosystem for now, but League of Legends and FIFA are also very popular.

diogo "Tuga810" Pombo

FIFA, in particular, has exploded in popularity in recent years largely because Portugal is the home of some of the best FIFA pro players, namely Diogo “Tuga810” Pombo. He has dominated the FIFA competitive scene for multiple years, and in 2022 he won FIFAe Club World Cup with his Spanish teammate Andoni “Andonii” Payo Martin on Movistar Riders.

Even in CS:GO, Portugal has left its mark with numerous professional players who have achieved stardom. Notably, one of Portugal’s most popular CS:GO players is Christopher “MUTiRiS” Fernandes.

He has been the in-game leader for multiple famous teams like Giants Gaming and is famous for his quick decision-making and lightning-fast reflexes. Lately, he has been part of the SAW squad, a Portuguese esports team formed in early 2020, and the team’s success is unquestionable.

Christopher "MUTiRiS" Fernandes

The most famous League of Legends player in Portugal is Amadeu “Attila” Carvalho, who has captivated many viewers with his Kalista plays, single-handedly increasing the champion’s win rate. While a player for Giants, he managed to help conquer a first place in the Iberian Cup of 2020 and 2021. A feat that not a lot of players have achieved.

Future of Esports Betting In Portugal

Esports betting in Portugal is set to break new records in the coming years, thanks to the rising popularity of esports games. Unfortunately, not a lot of international bookmakers are interested in joining the Portuguese betting industry due to the high taxation and demanding gambling license. Still, the already existing bookies are excelling at covering the bettors’ needs.

Teleperformance lisbon

A healthy sign for the esports betting industry is that the revenue is increasing, and big companies are deciding to join the esports world. For example, Teleperformance, the French company with more than 400.000 employees, recently unveiled a €1.2m esports stadium in Lisbon that will make the country’s capital an attractive destination for future tournaments. More tournaments in Portugal equals more betting opportunities for esports gamblers.

How To Choose The Best Esports Betting Sites In Portugal?

If you have been looking for an online sportsbook in Portugal but are unsure how to tell the good online bookies from the bad, we will give you some basic tips to help you choose the best esports betting sites for you.

gambling license

In Portugal, betting sites have to be licensed by the Regulação e Inspeção de Jogos (SRIJ) to operate legally. So if you see a gambling license issued by the government of Portugal, you can feel at ease that you found a legitimate website. It might not be the best one, but you can do online gambling without any complications there.

customer support

Another key part of any good online betting site is responsive customer support. Since you cannot physically go and talk to the manager, you will need someone to help you with any issues that come up or solve any questions you might have. If customer services are subpar, you will inevitably be really frustrated when you need it. Therefore, contact customer support before even creating an account to test their quality.

How To Sign Up At A Portuguese Esports Betting Site

Portugal might be strict regarding regulating esports bookmakers. Still, after you find one that operates in Portugal and is the right fit for you, the sign-up process is easy and can be completed in just a couple of minutes.

sign up

No matter which sportsbook you choose, the steps for completing your registration are the following.

  1. Navigate to the bookmaker you chose.
  2. Click on the sign-in button at the top right.
  3. Fill in all the necessary fields with the correct information.
  4. Add a promo code if you have the option.
  5. You are done!

After a few clicks, your account will be ready, and you can get a taste of your new account. Pretty soon, you will be having an endless amount of entertainment from this very same profile.

Payment Methods At Portuguese Esports Betting Sites

Before placing bets, you must first add some money to your account. No matter which sportsbook you choose, you will have multiple payment options, so you can pick the one that is most accessible to you.

payment methods

Some popular payment methods at Portugues esports bookmakers are bank transfers, credit/debit cards (MasterCard, VISA, Maestro), Multibanco, Paysafecard, Google Pay, e-wallets like PayPal, Neteller, or Skrill, and cryptocurrencies. All of these methods have their strengths and weaknesses, and different kinds of bettors have different preferences.

In Portugal, sports betting sites report that most bettors prefer to use Multibanco. Although it is not a bank, it has ATMs all over Portugal and is one of the most popular payment methods in the country.

crypto payments

On the other hand, esports bettors prefer more modern methods like e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. The speed of the transactions and high-security standards make these two options ideal for a younger audience like esports gamblers.

Mobile Esports Betting & Betting Apps In Portugal

Even though computers have more capabilities than mobile phones, there is no denying that it is easier to use a mobile phone than a computer. This is why mobile betting apps are becoming increasingly popular amongst gamblers, and the same is happening for esports bettors.

mobile betting app

Most bookies seem to have caught wind of this trend, which is why they have ensured that their websites are perfectly optimized to work on mobile browsers. Although mobile browsers are not the handiest, it is more comfortable than booting up a computer. Plus, you can access them no matter where you are.

Using a sportsbook through a mobile browser is viable, but the best option is a mobile betting application. Many sportsbooks have dedicated applications that are very user-friendly, easy to use, and offer you everything a website would in the palm of your hand.

Portugal Esports Live Betting & Live Streaming

The last important part of any esports betting journey is the features a bookmaker can offer you. For esports bettors in Portugal, the most requested features are live streaming and live betting.

live stream

These two go hand in hand since you cannot have live betting without a live stream, and live streaming is a bit pointless if you can’t bet on the game. Thankfully, the best esports gambling platforms are aware of that and almost always offer live betting markets. In reality, live betting is the primary way Portuguese punters prefer to bet.

What attracts most players to live betting is how exciting it can be, but mainly the possibility of making a good profit. Since there are too many variables in a live match, bookmakers sometimes struggle to keep up with the changes, especially for unimportant matches. This is where opportunities for good bets arise. Excitement combined with money is a very powerful motivation for live betting.

Esports Betting Strategies

Gamblers must know that it is very difficult to profit consistently from betting. The numbers are in favor of the bookmakers since they create the odds. There are some strategies, though, that esports bettors can use to maximize their chances of placing a winning bet.

betting strategies

First, do your research! We cannot stress this enough. Esports betting is difficult, and with the team and dynamics constantly changing, you need to be up to date with all the relevant information about the game you want to bet on.

Be patient when you are placing bets. Don’t just take the first odds that a bookmaker will give you; wait for the perfect moment when the odds are in your favor. That is especially true for live betting.

Have a plan. If you are serious about making money, you cannot just bet on the first thing you feel like. You need to bet specific amounts on specific matches, following a structured plan that will give you the highest chances of making a profit.

Is It Legal To Bet On Esports In Portugal?

Yes, it is legal to bet on esports in Portugal. That is the short answer, but, indeed, you don’t have to worry about the legality of your betting since the responsibility doesn’t lie with you. All you have to do is find a bookmaker that will offer you odds and esports markets.

Regulação e Inspeção de Jogos (SRIJ)

The one that should be worried about gambling laws is the sportsbook. The first thing required for operating legally in Portugal is a valid gambling license issued by the government of Portugal. Without this license, any online betting operation is not permitted, and the Regulação e Inspeção de Jogos (SRIJ) has the power to start legal procedures.

Portugal takes gambling laws very seriously. The SRIJ said it blocked access to 119 websites operating without the relevant approvals in the fourth quarter of 2021, while another 34 sites were ordered to halt activities in the country.

On top of that, online gambling sites that operate in Portugal have to pay an 8% tax over the total amount of the bets on fixed odds sports betting. This naturally applies to esports betting as well since there are no specific regulations for these kinds of games.

The Difference Between Virtual Betting and Esports Betting

Virtual betting and esports betting and esports betting might sound like the same for someone unfamiliar with those terms, but in reality, these two have almost nothing in common. In both cases, you wager on lines with different odds, but the way the games are played is what makes all the difference.

virtual betting

Esports are played by humans, and that is why you have chances to win against the bookmaker. If the best player on a team is having a bad day, and the bookie is not aware, then the odds you can get will be in your favor. There are opportunities to place certain odds in esports betting, while in virtual betting, this cannot happen.

Virtual sports are programmed to behave in a certain way, with probabilities included, but since the bookmaker knows how the algorithm works, it can give you odds without any margin for mistakes. This is why you will lose money, even if you have the best strategy. The numbers don’t lie.

Best Esports Betting Site Bonuses

Any good esports betting website will offer its players enough bonuses to keep them motivated on their betting journey. Of course, any kind of bonus is nice, but some are especially entertaining and profitable.


The best bonuses are tournament-specific promotions, available on any good esports betting website. These bonuses can be free bets, deposit bonuses, or bet security and cashbacks. All the promotions that give you extra money will do so with rollover requirements, so be mindful of that.

If you are planning to do a lot of betting, a VIP system is where you will get the most benefits. To be rewarded for your loyalty on a website is a given, and many sportsbooks will make it worth your time and money. Try to find one that has the best possible bonuses for the amount of betting you want to do

Portugal Overview

Portugal is a complicated country when it comes to esports betting. There are not a lot of sportsbooks to choose from, and it can be difficult to choose the right one. The country makes sure its citizens are protected from shady bookmakers, accepting only the most secure sportsbooks.

Despite the obstacles, esports betting keeps rising, and many bookmakers consider Portugal as their new potential market.

If you don’t have time to read the whole article but still want a brief image of Portugal and its esports betting ecosystem, you can see all the relative information below.

  • The capital of Portugal is Lisbon and some of the biggest cities are Porto, Amadora, Braga, Setubal, Coimbra, Queluz, Funchal, and Cacem.
  • The official and most spoken language of Portugal is Portuguese.
  • The most used currencies in Portugal are Euro and, on some online bookies, cryptocurrencies.
  • The most popular online payment method in Portugal is Multibanco.
  • Some of the most popular esports are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, FIFA, Dota 2, Rocket League, and Call of Duty.
  • The most popular esports players from the country are Diogo “Tuga810” Pombo (FIFA), Christopher “MUTiRiS” Fernandes (CS:GO), João “maniaKK” Ferreira (SMITE) and Amadeu “Attila” Carvalho (LoL).
  • The biggest competitions in Portugal are the BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2022, the LPLOL 2022 Spring, and the OMEN Atlantic Challenge: European Qualifier.
  • There are more than 900 active esports players in Portugal.
  • The Portugal team placed first in the FIFAe Nations Series 2022 Europe Playoffs.

Final Words

Now that you know everything about the esports betting industry in Portugal, you can make the smart decision and join the fun. Even though it is still in its infancy, the esports world is evolving rapidly while at the same time providing endless amounts of entertainment.

If you don’t want to miss out on this growing world, you can create an account on one of the websites we recommend to you. You will not regret it.


Can I bet online in Portugal?

Yes, you can bet online in Portugal on any of the sportsbooks that are licensed to operate in the country. Some of the best esports betting sites in the country are Betway, Loot.Bet and Betano.

Does Betfair work in Portugal?

Yes, Betfair works in Portugal without any problems. This betting exchange is one of the most famous platforms for gambling in Portugal. More than 18M google researches were done for Betfair in only one month.

Which are the most popular esports in Portugal?

The most popular esports in Portugal are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, FIFA, and Dota 2. There are thousands of viewers for the matches of these games, and the numbers keep increasing every day. Some honorable mentions are Valorant and Call of Duty.

Is esports betting legal in Portugal?

Yes, esports betting is completely legal in Portugal, and you can place bets without worrying about anything. Just find a good esports betting site that covers a lot of esports tournaments and can give you accurate odds and enough betting markets.

Can you make money betting on esports?

Yes, you can make money betting on esports. Although most players cannot make a profit betting on esports, some people can by studying the markets and being very disciplined with how they approach gambling. Usually, casual fun and profit don’t mix.

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