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Everygame Review – Is Everygame Legit?

On the lookout for an esports betting site? We reviewed Everygame, and we will tell you if it’s the right one.

  • Responsive website
  • Fair odds
  • Great customer support
  • Limited amount of betting markets
  • No license transparency

Is Everygame Safe To Use And Legit?

Yes, Everygame is a safe-to-use and legit gambling website that has been around since the beginning of online gambling. You can trust it with your personal and financial data and feel safe that nothing is going to happen to them.


The four main reasons that we know we can trust Everygame are the following

  • Everygame is an active online betting site for more than 20 years.
  • It is transparent with the information it collects and uses.
  • It uses the SSL security system with 128-bit RSA encryption.
  • This sportsbook is partnered only with trusted companies.

If you want to find a perfectly safe betting site to enjoy the sport, you have just found it. Enjoy your gambling stress-free (as much as it can be).

Everygame Welcome Bonus

When you start your journey at the Everygame sports betting site, you have the opportunity to benefit from its one-time offer of a wonderful deposit bonus. Don’t worry; immediately after creating your account, you will be instructed on how to do it.

Everygame Welcome Bonus

Usually, the welcome bonus in an online sportsbook is a one-time promotion that only applies on your first deposit, as in 10bet or 1bet. Everygame offers a 100% deposit bonus of up to $50 for your first three deposits. You can get $150 right from the get-go, which is not a bad start. Of course, there are more generous betting sites, like EGB, but also more stingy, like Dafabet, for example.

Like in all online betting sites, there are rollover requirements that you need to complete before you can withdraw the bonus amount. On Everygame, you need to wager the amount eight times, and you actually need to meet the requirements for each deposit before you can make the next one. On the bright side, the welcome bonus offer will be available for 100 days, so you have plenty of time.

We can’t really complain about the Everygame sign-up bonus since it is fairly generous and easy to get. Just enter the code 3XBOOST50 at the top of this Special Offers page, and it is yours.

Esports-Gamblers Promotion

If you think the welcome bonus is the only way you can get some free bets from Everygame, you are wrong. Here at Esports-Gamblers, we have an additional way you can earn special rewards and prizes to help you started on your esports betting quest.

Everygame Welcome Bonus

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Everygame Promotions And Bonuses (4/5)

The Everygame sportsbook bonuses that you can get are plentiful, and you can choose the one that suits your betting style the most. It seems that Everygame knows how to keep its users happy and engaged by offering them great incentives to bet.

Everygame Promotions And Bonuses

Most gamblers enjoy parlay bets, and if you are one of them, Everygame is a bookie that will give you some of the best bonuses on them. You can take part in a draw that gives you a chance to earn one of twenty $50 free bets. All you have to do is place a parlay bet with at least four options and total odds of 4.0 and lose the bet. We don’t like losing, but since it naturally happens, it’s good to have a backup.

Everygame Promotions And Bonuses

If you have the highest net profit from a single parlay bet amongst all the Everygame sports bettors in one month, you will get awarded an extra $1.000, with no rollover requirements. Not a bad bonus, but probably a 10% profit boost like that of Galaxybet, would be more profitable for the average bettor.

There is also a referral program you can benefit from. If you have a lot of friends that are looking into starting their betting journey, you can refer them to Everygame and earn up to 35% commission on each referred friend paid out monthly. If you have a lot of friends, there is the opportunity to earn some money. Start spreading the word!

Everygame Promotions And Bonuses

The sportsbook bonuses on the website are pretty good, but there are no tournament-exclusive offers. The esports bettor can still benefit from all of the promotions, but because we enjoy having bonuses when we are betting on big events, we will deduct one star from our rating.

Everygame Esports Betting (2.5/5)

Our Everygame review wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t talk about how this online sports betting website fairs when it comes to esports. We used Everygame for some time, and we bet on various games, but we can’t say we were really impressed with what it has to give.

Everygame Esports Betting

You can navigate to the esports tab from the option that you will find on the left side of the website. It is always one click away, so you can get there no matter which part of the sportsbook you are at. Unfortunately, once you get to the esports page, there is not that much to see. On the left, you will find various tournaments without any categorization, and in the middle, all the games are lumped up together.

The titles that Everygame includes are League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, StarCraft II, and Call of Duty. Not many, but the most important esports are here and available for betting. Many of the bigger tournaments are available, but the betting markets are very limited.

We were surprised to find out that there is no live betting or live stream available for any of the esports matches that Everygame covers.

For now, we will rate the Everygame esports experience with two and a half stars. Before we increase this number, we want to see more games covered and a lot more betting options.

League of Legends Betting

League of Legends is the game that Everygame focuses on the most. All of the big tournaments are covered, and even some regional ones are there as well. Unfortunately, this is where the positives end.

League of Legends Betting

For all of the games, the only betting market available is the money line, and only before they start since there is no in-play option. We were expecting much better coverage of an esports game that has reached this level of popularity. Everygame has a long way to go until it provides a great LoL betting experience.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Betting

Even though Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a huge esports with numerous leagues, Everygame only covers the bigger ones. Namely, the Majors were available, but there was no coverage of lesser leagues and competitions.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Betting

Again there was no live betting available, and the only thing we could bet on was who would win the series. At least some O/U and exotic bets should be included in the mix immediately. On a more positive note, the odds were fairly competitive. For now, betting on CS:GO at Everygame is not an amazing experience, and there is a lot missing.

Call of Duty Betting

The underwhelming experiences continue with Call of Duty as well. Although CoD is not the biggest name in the esports scene, it definitely deserves much more attention than what Everygame pays to it.

Call of Duty Betting

The pattern continues with Call of Duty as well. No live betting and no betting markets except the money line. Same as with most of the esports that Everygame has markets for, the odds are pretty high, especially compared with other online sportsbooks like 20bet and GG.Bet. But for its overall offer, Everygame could take a look at Betwinner to see how sports betting markets are done correctly.

We focused on LoL, CS:GO, and COD, but these are not the only esports titles at Everygame.  Overwatch, StarCraft II, and Dota 2 are available for a unique betting experience that can entertain you for hours. If you think that Everygame is what you are looking for, jump into the action by creating an account today!

Look, Feel & User Experience (4/5)

For our Everygame sportsbook review, we had to navigate the website for many hours and check every part of it that we could think of. We have to say that the experience was quite pleasurable, and the site designers have done a pretty good job at creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional gambling site.

Look, Feel & User Experience

What you will notice instantly when you enter Everygame is that there is not that much going on. Each page is simple and created to save time for the user. You are not going to spend a lot of time wondering what you are supposed to press to get to the esports tab since it is easily accessible almost all the time.

This simplicity goes a bit too far regarding the esports section. There are no team logos, no tournament logos, or even a separation between the different esports. Actually, when you look at all the esports together, you can see which teams are competing, but on the screen, it is not stated what game they are playing. The only thing you will see, for example, is “Los Angeles Thieves vs Atlanta FaZe”. Not a lot you can deduct from that.

Look, Feel & User Experience

The performance of the website was perfect on a desktop, and there are no annoying loading times that will disrupt your browsing. We were disappointed to find out that Everygame does not have a mobile betting app available at the moment. At least the website is also optimized for mobile browsers, so you can still bet online even if you only have your mobile phone.

Everygame looked great, but some key features were missing, as well as a dedicated mobile application. For these reasons, we will rate it four stars.

Safety & Reputation (4/5)

As we said at the beginning of the article, Everygame is a betting site that can provide you with a great experience and guarantee the security of your personal information.

MGA Logo

Everygame holds a gambling license that is accepted by the governments of all the countries in which it operates. Europe is famous for having very strict gambling laws, but Everygame is available in almost all the countries, making it highly unlikely that the website could be conducting any shady business. The site is going through various inspections from each country to make sure they are complying with all the laws and regulations.

To ensure that nobody can touch their user’s data Everygame uses the SSL security system with 128-bit RSA encryption. This means that your data are being transferred through the web with some of the strongest encryption possible. Everygame makes it clear that the only data they use are the once you provided to them, and they don’t collect any personal information from your browser.

Intertops Logo

Everygame definitely has a strong reputation in the gambling sector since it has been around for many years. Before being renamed Everygame, it was called Intertops. This company was established in 1986 and had the first online sportsbook in the world. As you might expect, a company with such a long history knows how to treat its customers fairly and respectfully.

We will take away one star from our rating because Everygame doesn’t share information about the gambling licenses it holds.

Customer Support (4.5/5)

Customer support is where Everygame shines. There might be some pretty rough edges that need polishing, but customer services are not one of them. Everything works perfectly, and you will get answers to your questions very quickly. Betting sites like Campobet should learn from this great example.

Customer Support

You can contact customer support either via email or the 24/7 live chat. As you might expect, emails are the more formal mode of communication, so when you need to complete your KYC procedure or ask questions that are a bit more complicated than usual, this is the method to use. The answers are coming surprisingly fast, usually within a few hours, with all the necessary information that will help you.

The live chat is indeed available 24/7 since we sent messages at pretty random times, and every time we got connected with a customer support agent within seconds. They managed to answer our questions concerning the welcome bonus without any delays. It is obvious that the people we talked to were professionals that knew their website in and out. If you need any kind of help, live chat is the way to go.

Customer Support

A small complaint we have is that there is no FAQ section in Everygame. Most betting sites have one, and it is a great place to get a lot of the information you might be looking for. Usually, many of our questions are answered there, but on Everygame we had to talk to customer support each time we had a simple question.

If you have to contact Everygame you are lucky since everything works very fast, and you will get real answers and not a copy-paste of the terms and conditions. We will deduct only half a star because we think a FAQ is necessary.

Payment Methods (4/5)

What matters the most for many sports bettors is how easy it will be for them to deposit money and ultimately withdraw their earnings, and Everygame answers this question with one word. Very. It is very easy to use the payment methods, and there are enough of them to cover your needs.

Payment Methods

After you have activated your welcome bonus, it is time for a deposit. You can choose between credit/debit card (VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, or Discover), Neosurf, EZeeWallet, EU SEPA bank transfer, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. As you can see, there are not that many options available, but they are diverse enough that one of them will suit you.

Most methods offer limits per transaction from 10$ up to $2.500, while SEPA bank transfers have no limits. The processing time is instant, and Everygame will not charge you any fees for making a deposit. We were able to deposit money in our account without any problems.

Payment Methods

For withdrawing money, you first need to complete the KYC procedure. After that, you can choose between a bank wire transfer, EU SEPA bank transfer, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. SEPA transfers have the most flexible withdrawal limits, between $10-$5.000. If you want to make a wire transfer, the minimum you will have to withdraw is $150, and there is an extra charge of $50+banking fees. The processing time can be from two days to fifteen.

Payment Methods

The crypto methods worked fine, but the minimum you could withdraw was $100, which we think is very high, and the maximum was $2.500. At least the procedure was very easy since you just had to scan a QR code.

The payment methods worked great in Everygame, but we would like to see a bit more options and more flexible limits. For now, we will rate it four stars.

Everygame Casino

After you are full of esports betting, take a look at the Everygame casino. You can enjoy a multitude of traditional casino games that never get old or the various more modern games that online casinos are offering. There are two different versions of the casino that you can join, red and classic, but the only difference they have is on the promotions, so we will talk about that in the casino bonus section.

Everygame Casino

The casino games available in both are Roulette, Video Poker, Keno, Caribbean Poker, Blackjack, and of course, a lot of slots. Compared to other online casinos, like Parimatch or Luckbox, the offer of Everygame is not that great, but the quality of the games is top-notch. The graphics are amazing, and it is very enjoyable playing casino games all day.

Everygame Casino

The slots are the games with the most variety to choose from. There are hundreds of different slots to choose from, and it can be challenging to pick a favorite. They work great, and you will encounter no problems at all, while the fairness of the games is guaranteed by using random number generators. Everygame is the provider for all of their games.

Our biggest complaint with the Everygame casino is that there were no live games available. If you are looking for a live casino experience, you will have to look somewhere else.

Everygame Casino Bonus

Since Everygame has two casinos, that means double promotions. The number of free spins, sign-up bonuses, and rewards you can get is enormous. You need to be selective with your money and don’t spend most of it on the first deposit bonus you will see because there might be a better one.

Everygame Casino Bonus

The welcome package of the red casino is what shocked us. You can get $5.555 as deposit bonuses for your first five deposits. Each deposit will match a percentage of your funds either by 125% or 150% up to a certain amount.

Everygame Casino Bonus

There are multiple promotions for specific slots that have deposit bonuses even bigger than the welcome bonus. Some offers can give you up to $11.000, although they are not always available. So keep on the lookout for some great opportunities. Daily free spins and bonuses for new games are always available and easy to claim.

Of course, all these bonuses come with some strings attached. The money might be a lot, but if you consider that there is a wagering requirement of 60 times, you understand Everygame can give these amounts. It is still enjoyable to play, even without getting the win.


We will not claim that Everygame is the best betting site in the world. In some areas, Everygame exceeded our high standards, but in others, it didn’t make the cut. But if you are interested in esports betting, Everygame can provide you with a satisfactory experience.

If you add to that the great casino that it offers and the excellent customer support, you can see why we recommend this website.

3.8 rating
4.0 rating
4.0 rating
4.0 rating
4.5 rating
4.0 rating
2.5 rating
3.8 rating
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