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Dafabet Review – Is Dafabet Legit?

We tested Dafabet, and now it’s time to give you our opinion about it.

  • High security
  • Strong license
  • High deposit/withdrawal limits
  • Great promotions and bonuses
  • Slow website
  • Not available in many countries
  • Poor esports coverage

Is Dafabet Safe To Use And Legit?

Dafabet is a safe-to-use and legit site. It’s one of the most recognizable names in the online sports betting world and one of the most popular bookies in the world.


We have tested it for a long time, did a lot of research about it, and reached the conclusion that Dafabet is indeed a safe bookie, and here are four reasons why:

  • Dafabet is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.
  • They have been around for many years with millions of users.
  • All their games are certified by the appropriate authorities.
  • They protect their users’ data with high-level encryption algorithms.

If you had any concerns about Dafabet’s safety, rest assured that there is nothing to be afraid of – your money and your future earnings are safe on this betting site

Dafabet Welcome Bonus

It seems that nowadays, if an online gambling site doesn’t offer you a welcome bonus, it loses some part of its credibility. The Dafabet team has taken this into consideration and that’s why it offers new players a first deposit bonus!

Dafabet Welcome Bonus

This deposit bonus as the name suggests is applied to the first deposit you make to your wallet in Dafabet. According to the amount of money you deposit, Dafabet will match the amount 100%. Of course, it might seem like they are giving away free money (and they kinda are), but there are some limitations to this deposit bonus.

First of all, the minimum deposit requirement is $12, and the maximum bonus amount you can receive is 80$. This means that if you deposit $80 at your first deposit, you will receive 80 Bonus Dollars. If you deposit more than this amount, the deposit bonus you are going to receive will still be $80. On the other hand, if you deposit less than $12, you will not qualify for this bonus.

Dafabet Bonus

You need to be patient and wait for the money to be transferred to your account before trying to transfer your funds because otherwise, you will not qualify for the welcome bonus. There is also a 20x wagering requirement before you can withdraw the bonus money. Typical sports betting qualifies as wagers and Playtech Plus casino games count as wagers as well. Baccarat bets count only 25% towards the wagering requirement.

Esports-Gamblers Promotion

If you want to get some extra bonuses in Dafabet, we have got you covered. At Esports-Gamblers, we strive to help our members on their esports betting journey by providing exclusive bonuses and promotions, which you can find on our Discord channel.

Dafabet Promo Code

So if you’re looking for excellent betting promotions, Esports-Gamblers exclusive promo codes, and other goodies, join our Discord and become a part of one of the fastest-growing esports betting communities in the world!

Dafabet Promotions And Bonuses (5/5)

If there is something that they know how to do in Dafabet, it is to give you promotions and bonuses. We used this website for a couple of months, and the quality really caught us by surprise.

Dafabet Promotions And Bonuses

The first thing you are going to notice when you create an account in Dafabet is the symbol of the Bronze VIP. VIP is an incentive program that Dafabet uses to motivate players to win more and bet more. You start from the bronze level but after your total stake of 1 month exceeds $18.000, you will get to silver. Bet a total of $100.000, and you will get to the gold. The last VIP level is platinum and the only way to enter this highly exclusive club is by receiving an invitation.

Getting to a higher VIP level comes with many bonuses. You get slightly higher rebate percentages in online casino games, live dealer games, arcades, and more. You get higher cashback and reload bonuses in general, as well as many exclusive promotions and benefits that the lower levels don’t get. A very attractive benefit is their higher priority when it comes to the minimum and maximum deposits you can do.

Dafabet VIP

There are various esports promotions you can take advantage of, like their esports cashback bonus which returns some money back to you after you have lost a sports bet (according to your VIP level). A nice consolation prize.

Occasional free bets are offered to the players that are paying attention to the bonuses announced and if you want to become an affiliate to the website Dafabet is more than happy to cooperate with you. The perfect bonus system deserves a 5-star rating.

Dafabet Esports Betting (3.5/5)

We will start with a clarification. Dafabet is predominantly a sports betting site. That being said, it seems like the creators realized there are many that want to bet on esports, and that’s why they have upgraded the services they provide when it comes to esports.

Dafabet Esports Betting

The games Dafabet offers are Dota 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, Valorant, Overwatch, Kings of Glory, Starcraft 2, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, Rocket League, Arena of Valor, Heroes of the Storm, Warcraft 3, Age of Empires, World of Warcraft and even Apex Legends. For the big three (Dota 2, League of Legends, CS:GO), the coverage of the matches is great, with almost all of them available to bet on. The betting markets for these games were satisfactory, with various bets to choose from.

On the other hand, the smaller esports didn’t get that much love from this betting site. There were not that many betting markets to choose from and many matches were not covered at all.

Dafabet Esports

Especially when it comes to Valorant, one of the fastest-growing esports out there, the coverage was minimal. You can easily realize that they haven’t paid a lot of attention to these esports titles since they don’t even have a category for them, unlike the three biggest ones. This is why we gave it 3.5 stars.

Dota 2 Betting

We felt it was important to focus on Dota 2 since it’s one of the biggest esports available for betting, and this site’s coverage of the various tournaments was adequate.

Dafabet Dota 2 Betting

We can say that we got everything we wanted from our Dota 2 Betting experience. The odds on this betting site offered were above average, so that was a huge plus for us. Our bets got accepted almost instantly, and the payout was fast. If we had the option to watch the match live from Dafabet everything would have been ideal.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Betting

The excitement of betting in CS:GO matches is unmatchable from other esports, at least for us. Unfortunately, in Dafabet we have to say we didn’t get the full experience.

Dafabet CS:GO Betting

To begin with, there was no live streaming of the matches we wanted to bet on, which is a minus for us. But we could have overlooked that if the variety of the markets offered was sufficient. We tried live betting, and there were only a few things we could bet on like O/U rounds, round winner, and the overall winner of the game.

The good thing is that the odds offered were better than other sites like GG.Bet or 10bet, so we can’t be too sad about our experience.

League Of Legends Betting

The last game we tried was League of Legends. Our experience here was pretty similar to the other ow sports we tried.

Dafabet League Of Legends Betting

There were a lot of LoL matches going on when we tested Dafabet, and almost all of them were available for betting on the website. The surprise when it comes to LoL was that there were a lot of bets to choose from. And we mean a lot. There were many prop bets, including first tier 1 turret time, the first tier 1 turret’s location, the first Baron, the first Dragon, and much more. If you are looking to do some League of Legends Betting, Dafabet will not disappoint you.

Look, Feel & User Experience (3/5)

For this Dafabet review, we inspected many parts and features of the website so we can give you an overview of the look, feel, and user experience that comes with navigating this sports betting site.

Dafabet Look, Feel & User Experience

From the first look, it is clear the site is not created for English-speaking players. Dafabet is a betting site primarily created for the Asian market, so most of the website is translated into English. There are some cases where the amounts are not converted into USD. For some bonuses, we had to make the conversions manually ourselves.

The website works well, if not a bit slow, and it is quite easy to navigate, although there are some terms like ow sports (which is the old-school sportsbook of Dafabet) that will maybe confuse you when you are trying to find your favorite game to bet on.

Dafabet Alternative SIte

On the esports tab, you can bet on the Dafabet website as it is (which is not that great), or you can try their exclusive esports option, which has a much more modern feel and is more enjoyable to navigate. We would recommend you to use the latter option. Unfortunately, live streaming the games on their site is not offered.

Amongst various online casinos we tried, Dafabet’s is one of the easiest to navigate, and the games themselves have nice graphics and a great feel to them. The same is to be said about the live casino games they offer.

Dafabet Mobile App

Last but not least we have to talk about the mobile application of Dafabet. If you want to do some sports betting on the go, there is a dedicated app available for both Android and iOS systems that is secure and user-friendly. The app is very responsive and highly optimized to work even on older cellphones.

Overall, there were some things that the Dafabet website had done well and others it did below average compared to other esports betting sites, so for now, our rating for it is three stars.

Safety & Reputation (4.5/5)

Even though Dafabet is in need of some website upgrades, the same can’t be said about its website’s security.

Dafabet license

At Dafabet they prioritize the safety and security of their clients and their client’s data above everything else. The website holds an overseas license from the UK gambling commission, which is a testimony to how secure this website is. The UK gambling commission gives a license only to the gambling sites with the highest safety standards.

Dafabet had to show proof that their players’ funds are secure even in the event of a bankruptcy and that all of their odds are fair. For the Dafabet casino games, the UK gambling commission inspects that the games are not rigged, meaning they payout within the accepted limits.

Dafabet safety

Dafabet complies with the responsible gaming and anti-money laundry policies by setting betting limits and also having a strict KYC (know your customer).

Although everything seems perfect with Dafabet’s security, there are quite a few negative reviews of the site, and that is why we gave it a 4.5-star rating instead of the full 5-stars. We at Esports-Gamblers didn’t have any bad experiences with Dafabet.

Customer Support (4/5)

Our Dafabet review wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t talk about one of the most important aspects of betting sites, customer support. There will be many times that you will need to talk to customer support, so it is essential that the service is fast and on-point. Dafabet’s customer support was not exactly that.

Dafabet Customer Support

There are several ways to communicate customer support in Dafabet. You can choose to send them an email, which usually gets answered within 24 hours. There is also the option to contact them through the Messenger application or call their international toll-free number. Both options were working perfectly.

There is also a FAQ section with a lot of information about the website. It shows that they really know their clients.

Dafabet Live chat

Our main complaint is that the live chat was not available many times. The button is there, but when you click on it, the popup window that appeared just showed an error message in Korean. Thankfully the next day, the chat was available, and the customer agent answered our questions immediately, but again after a bit, the chat crashed again.

Because we really value consistency, we gave their customer support a 4-star rating.

Payment Methods (5/5)

Dafabet offers its customers various payment methods, both for depositing and withdrawing funds.

Dafabet Deposit Methods

After you decide in which account you want to deposit money, meaning OW Sports, Dafa Sports, Casino, Common Wallet, or PT+ you have to pick one of the payment methods available in Dafabet.

The options you have for depositing money are a Credit/Debit card (Visa), various versions of Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, and Bitcoin. The deposit limits can vary between a minimum of $15 and a maximum of $100.000. You can see the individual min/max limits if you hover your cursor over the payment method you prefer in the payment options tab.

Dafabet Withdrawal Methods

If you want to withdraw money, you can choose between Neteller, EcoPayz, Skrill, and Bitcoin. The minimum amount for withdrawal is $15 except for Bitcoin, which is $100. The maximum withdrawal amount is $100.000 for all the options except for Neteller, which is 50.000$. Again, you can find these limits if you hover your cursor over the payment method you prefer in the Payment Options tab.

The deposits are processed instantly, but the withdrawals can take up to four  days. This delay is there to make sure the funds are not being used for money laundering.

Depositing and withdrawing money in Dafabet is very simple and reliable. We have nothing to complain about here, so five stars it is.

Dafabet Casino

The last part of our Dafabet review takes us to the website’s online casino. This is where you have the option to forget a bit about the complicated world of esports betting and get into the complicated world of casino games.

Dafabet Casino

Dafabet has a very rich collection of casino games for the player to choose from, with a mix of the most popular games and some more “region-specific” ones. You can play online poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, a ton of arcade games, and of course, slots.

There are hundreds of games you can choose from, and you will probably find any game you are looking for. Really we couldn’t count how many games they offer; we lost count somewhere in the hundreds.

Dafabet Slots

Our only complaint is that there were no pai gow poker games, something that we were looking forward to considering that Dafabet is marketed as the best Asian betting site and online casino. Also, in many games, we couldn’t see the RTP (return to player) ratio even though it is stated in their FAQ section.

Dafabet Live Casino

Part of every good casino is the live casino. It is like being in a casino from the comfort of your house! Dafabet’s live casino options left us completely satisfied.

Dafabet Live Casino

There were various options to choose from for every game you would normally find in a casino. Blackjack, Poker, Sic Bo, Bingo, Roulette, various games shows, Dragon Tiger and Baccarat, are available with live dealers that will entertain you through both in your wins and losses. All the games we tried worked perfectly without any delays or cuts, and we also had some good luck in our roulette.

If you are looking for a live casino site, Dafabet is a great option for everyone.

Dafabet Casino Bonus

Of course, we have to talk about the casino bonus that Dafabet offers since they are made having the player in mind.

Dafabet Casino Bonus

We were stunned by the generosity of their bonuses starting from the beginning of our journey into Dafabet’s casino. The first deposit bonus you get is a 100% fund match by Dafabet, up to $140. That means that if your first deposit is $140, you will get another $140 as bonus funds.

But that was only the beginning. There are currently 16 casino bonuses you can take advantage of. You can get free spins, golden chips, or even an iPhone 13 Pro! Beware, though, some of these bonuses only apply to Malaysians who have the option to do a local bank transfer. Not everything can be perfect, apparently.


Dafabet is a site you can trust to do your gambling, knowing that your funds will be safe. That being said, for us esports gamblers, Dafabet is not the perfect option, but the incentives that this site will give you (free bets, bonuses, etc.) are a perfect excuse to prefer it over other options. The combination of security with opportunities is something that we can not ignore in an industry filled with scams and dangers.

If you value the same things we do, Dafabet is the site for you! Gamble away!

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