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It is hard to go through your life without hearing of VISA, the giant multinational corporation that has changed the financial services sector ever since its founding. VISA is processing millions of payments every day, and since gambling is a very “money” demanding activity, it makes sense that VISA offers its services to esports betting sites.

VISA Esports Betting Sites

Almost every sportsbook accepts VISA payments, which makes finding quality online gambling sites even more complicated since it can be difficult to differentiate between good VISA betting sites and poor ones. In this article, we will tell you all about VISA and which are the best esports betting websites that accept it.

Brief History of VISA

VISA’s journey started in 1958 when the Bank of America (BofA) launched its BankAmericard program that gave thousands of Americans access to a credit card by successfully completing the world’s first mass mailing of unsolicited credit cards.

visa history

Although not everything was perfect initially, since computer technology was still in its infancy and the project was losing money to BofA, it was apparent to everyone that this kind of technology had a lot of potential. By May 1961, the program became profitable for the first time, marking the company’s turning point.

After a few years, Bank of America relinquished control of the BankAmericard program, and various issuer banks took control of the company, forming what is known today as VISA Inc.

Nowadays, VISA is the largest financial services provider, and with more than 3.4 billion VISA card holders, it is no wonder that casinos and gambling sites generally accept VISA for deposits and withdrawals.

What is VISA?

VISA is a payments technology company that facilitates commercial activities worldwide by connecting consumers and merchants in banks thanks to its global technological network.

what is visa

Every time you use a VISA card to make a purchase, an automatic process starts, and it is executed within seconds. Your transaction request goes through a checking process to verify that it is legitimate, and it simultaneously creates a risk score with artificial technology before sending it to the bank that issued the card.

The bank accepts or declines the transaction while considering the risk score and its own data about your bank account. It then sends this information back through the VISAnet, and your transaction is complete.

This seemingly straightforward process requires cooperation between major financial institutions and a global infostructure capable of servicing people no matter where they are.

Which Are The Best VISA Esports Betting Sites?

It is easier to count the websites where VISA is not accepted than the ones that do, so it is almost certain that any betting site will allow you to make payments with VISA cards. Almost no bookmaker will charge you a fee for making a payment with VISA, and the company guarantees the safety of the transaction.

Since anyone that has a bank account also has a VISA card, it is understandable why so many gamblers prefer to pay with a VISA card. With such a huge outreach, it is hard to find a more accessible method.

Since there are so many options to choose from, you can choose the best esports betting sites in the gambling industry with the certainty that they will accept VISA payments. Below you will find a list of the best VISA esports bookmakers to join the one that fits your betting style the most.


Placing esports bets on Rivalry is a real pleasure, and any bettor that gives it a try stays there for good since this bookmaker can offer a perfect mix of excellent esports game coverage and a variety of esports betting markets. The website’s marvellous design makes it enjoyable to navigate but also easy to use, even for inexperienced bettors.

RIvalry Logo

One of the primary payment methods that Rivalry users prefer is VISA because it has very flexible deposit and withdrawal limits, and the transactions are completely secure. This relatively new esports betting site is worth a try.


Pinnacle is a website with a long history in the gambling industry as a very reliable bookmaker. In recent years, Pinnacle started covering esports games like Rainbow Six Siege, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and League of Legends, offering the most accurate closing odds possible. For that reason, many people consider it the best esports betting site.

The esports hub has a very modern design, and all the necessary features for a great betting experience are there. You will not find any welcome bonus, deposit bonus, or promotions in general on Pinnacle since the accurate odds will give you more chances to make a profit than most kinds of bonuses.


EGB is one of the first esports betting platforms that focuses almost exclusively on satisfying esports bettors. Everything about the website screams video games, and even the bettor’s profile is an RPG character that you can add different gear to and make him/her more powerful, meaning various bonuses when you place bets.

EGB logo

EGB accepts a plethora of payment methods, including cryptocurrencies and CS:GO skins, so it obviously also accepts VISA credit cards and debit cards. No matter your chosen method, you will not have to pay any extra deposit fees, and the money will be transferred to your account immediately.

If you combine EGB promotions with its incredible betting options, it’s easy to see why so many people choose to bet here.


GG.Bet is an esports betting website that does an excellent job covering a plethora of games while offering betting markets for major and minor tournaments. On GG.Bet, you can bet on more than 20 different esports titles, and If you can not find the match you want, you will not be able to find it anywhere. logo

The deposit and withdrawal limits with VISA are very high, making it the ideal place for esports bettors. Moreover, thanks to the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology it uses to encrypt your personal and financial information, it is almost impossible for anyone to get access to them.


Bet365 must be added to any list of recommended esports betting sites that accept VISA. On Bet365, you can find various esports games to bet on, with pre-match and live betting options always available. In addition, you can watch a live stream of the match you want directly from the Bet365 website and place exotic bets in real-time.


Since Bet365 operates in many countries, it accepts global and regional payment methods, including VISA. It is one of the easiest ways to make deposits since everyone has a VISA card.

How To Use VISA On Esports Betting Sites

VISA is a payment method that has evolved with the years, and in its current form, thanks to the internet and a combination of a lot of modern technologies, it has become effortless to make payments with VISA cards.

Use VISA On Esports Betting Sites

In physical stores, you have to swipe your card on a machine, and the process is complete. On the other side, making transactions on an esports betting site is slightly more complicated than that, but not a lot.

You just need to type your card number, the security code, the cardholder’s name, and the expiration date. After that, your money will be transferred instantly.

Thanks to the reputation and credibility of VISA, online sportsbooks don’t have a reason to doubt your transaction information if VISA has already approved them, meaning it is uncommon that you will encounter any issues while making deposits and withdrawals. If you want to save time and effort by signing up for different payment methods, VISA is the perfect option.

How To Deposit With Esports Betting Sites That Accept VISA?

When it’s time to deposit with VISA, you just need to have your debit or credit card close to you so you can type the information necessary. Alternatively, it is not a bad strategy to memorize your card information since you are going to need them at some point anyway.

visa deposits

Follow these steps to deposit with esports betting sites that accept VISA.

  1. Log in to your online sports betting account
  2. Click on the deposit option (usually on the top right of the website)
  3. Choose VISA as your payment method
  4. Type the amount you want to deposit
  5. Enter your card information
  6. Done

As you see, if you already have a VISA card, either virtual or physical, you are ready to start depositing on thousands of the best esports bookmakers in the world.

How To Withdraw With Esports Betting Sites That Accept VISA?

You will find that the withdrawal process with VISA is as easy as making deposits. Get your card ready, and you can fill it with all your gambling winnings.

visa withdrawals

To withdraw from esports betting sites that accept VISA, you have to do the following.

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Head to the cashiers tab
  3. Choose a VISA credit card or debit card as your payment option
  4. Enter the desired amount and fill in your card’s information
  5. You are done

Withdrawals with VISA cards usually take 1-3 business days, but that is in the case that you have already verified your identity with the bookie. This is an important step in withdrawing money regardless of your chosen method.

How To Create a VISA Account

Many people are wondering how they can create a VISA account, but the reality is that VISA doesn’t have accounts or a website where people can go and join. Instead, VISA handles financial transactions by ensuring their legitimacy and risk levels.

The cards with the VISA logo are not issued by the company but by financial institutions using the VISA network to complete their transactions.

In the end, all you have to do is get a VISA card from a banking institution, and you can have access to any betting platform that accepts VISA.

Online Betting With VISA: Pros and Cons

Even though VISA is dominating the financial world, it is definitely not the perfect payment method, and it has a few big disadvantages that esports gamblers have spent countless hours arguing about. We cannot tell you if VISA is the right payment method for you, but we can tell you which are the advantages and disadvantages that come with VISA, so you can decide for yourself.

visa pros

The biggest advantage of VISA is that it is easily accessible – if you have a bank account, you probably also have a VISA card. Opening a bank account can be complicated, but it is quite essential to have one, and most adults around the world already do, so it is something that most people have access to easily.

That being said, a significant disadvantage to using VISA for gambling payments is that you have to share sensitive personal information on the internet.

Even though bookmakers use very strong encryption protocols to protect your data, there is no 100% guarantee that nobody will be able to access your credit card numbers. If there is a gap in the security protocols of the betting site, you can easily get money stolen from your account.

visa cons

Another problem that a lot of gamblers face is that since VISA cooperates tightly with your bank, you can get a lower credit score just because you enjoy gambling. For this reason, many bettors prefer to use more anonymous payment methods that will keep their credit squeaky clean. One great example is NeoSurf, which can offer you completely anonymous transactions.

Advantages Of Using Esports Betting Sites With VISA

Thanks to the popularity and credibility of VISA come many advantages that make it a great payment option for esports betting websites.

Some of the advantages of using esports betting sites with VISA are the following.

  • Global acceptance
  • Flexible deposit limits
  • No fees for debit cards
  • Secure payments

Disadvantages Of Using Esports Betting Sites With VISA

Even though almost all bookmakers accept VISA, many gamblers decide to avoid using it because of certain characteristics.

The main disadvantages of using esports betting sites with VISA are the following.

  • Financial information exposed
  • No anonymity

VISA Options To Choose From

When you decide to use VISA for your transactions, you have more options than you might think. You probably already know about VISA credit cards and VISA debit cards, but you also have the option to make deposits with a VISA prepaid card and VISA gift card.

Even though all these methods are from the payment provider, some basic differences between them can make them fit for different kinds of bettors. We will look at each one separately.

VISA Debit Card

The VISA debit card is connected directly to your bank account, and you can make payments by using your available balance without any kind of credit.

VISA Debit Card

You will not have to pay any extra fees to form making debit card payments, but you will need to share sensitive financial information with the bookmaker.

VISA Credit Card

A VISA credit card allows you to make transactions without having the money available in your account.

VISA Credit Card

You essentially borrow money each time you make a payment, and you will have to pay back the amount plus a certain interest. Some gambling licenses, including UKGC, forbid bookies from accepting credit card payments since gambling can be addictive.

Visa Prepaid Card

VISA prepaid cards are very convenient for esports betting because they allow you to completely control your spending.

Visa Prepaid Card

The prepaid card is not connected to your bank account, which means you won’t have to deal with overdraft fees, and if someone gets access to your card information, they can only spend what you have on your prepaid card. This is the ideal middle ground between anonymity and convenience.

VISA Gift Card

A VISA gift card is the best option for any bettor who wants to ensure he cannot overdo it with gambling.

VISA Gift Card

The deposit procedure is pretty much the same, but with a gift card, the amount in the card is set on the first purchase. This means you can only spend the amount you set initially and nothing more. This comes with the disadvantage that you cannot withdraw money on a VISA gift card, which is why not many gamblers use it.

Is It Safe To Deposit Using VISA?

Making deposits with VISA is completely safe, and the company is dedicated to providing the best security possible to its customers. All the transacting are highly encrypted, and no one can have access to your personal information.

visa safety

Even if somebody gets access to your card information and makes payments using your money, VISA will refund you for the lost money, whether the purchases occurred online or in person.

There is always a small risk that someone might access your card number, but since VISA guarantees you will not lose any money, a big part of the risk disappears.


Millions of transactions go through VISA daily, and gambling is an integral part of these transactions. Most popular esports betting platforms accept VISA payments, and thanks to how easy and secure it is to make deposits and withdrawals with it, it’s safe to say that VISA is one of the most popular methods.


Is VISA safe to use?

VISA is safe to use, and the risk of having your financial information stolen is minimal, especially on reliable bookmakers. Furthermore, even if something happens, VISA will refund you for the amount taken from your card.

How do I pay using VISA at esports betting sites?

To pay using VISA at esports betting sites, you have to type your card number, 3-digit security code, the card’s expiration date, and the cardholder’s name. Depending on your security preferences, you might need to verify your identity with your bank and after you are ready to go!

Can I Use VISA With Other Online Payment Methods?

You can use VISA and other online payment methods to top up your account. For example, you can add money to your Skrill account and then make your deposits and withdrawals on the betting site of your choice.

What are some alternatives to VISA?

Some alternatives to VISA are MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, and cryptocurrencies. All of these methods are excellent for completing transactions on gambling sites, and you can have your account ready to go in a couple of seconds.

What are the best VISA esports betting sites?

The best VISA betting sites are GG.Bet, Bet365, Pinnacle, EGB, and Rivalry. You can find a great variety of esports to bet on, with competitive odds and interesting bets that will keep you entertained for endless hours. So take the opportunity and join some of the best betting platforms in the world.

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