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When people think of cryptocurrencies, the first thing that comes to mind is how unpredictable their prices can be and how dangerous it is to use crypto. However, they are missing the fact that the world of crypto has a wide range of options to choose from, and it is not limited to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, which have famously volatile prices.

This is where Tether comes in as one of the most interesting cryptocurrencies and one that has found its use in the gambling industry. Stick around to explore the best Tether esports betting sites and everything there is to know about Tether betting.

What is Tether?

Tether is a stablecoin, meaning it keeps its value stable regardless of what happens to the crypto markets. Tether has its price pegged to the dollar, meaning that the price of one Tether will always equal one United States dollar.

Tether Esports Betting Sites

Tether allows crypto investors to gain some form of stability amongst the market fluctuations without switching back to fiat currencies. All investors have to do is exchange their crypto coins for Tether, and they can be sure that they will keep their value in the long run. Until Tether came up, this flexibility was something that many people were missing.

Tether manages to keep its price stable by claiming to have in its reserves assets that match the total circulation of USD Tether that are available on the crypto market. Even though many have raised their concerns regarding how true this statement actually is, Tether’s reputation hasn’t been damaged a lot, and it consistently ranks in the top ten valued cryptocurrencies in the world.

History of Tether

In 2012, J.R. Willet published a white paper explaining how it is possible to build new cryptocurrencies based on the Bitcoin blockchain. This was the start of Tether, since the coin was created, Mastercoin was the base of how it functions.

History of Tether

Tether’s original name was Realcoin, its first tokens were issued in 2014 on the Bitcoin network, and shortly after that, the project got its final name, Tether. Bitfinex became the first platform to enable Tether trading, while it claimed that it had no special relation to the project and that the two companies are completely separate entities.

In 2017, thanks to the leaks of the Paradise Papers, the truth is that the people that established Bitfinex are the same ones that created Tether Holding Limited in the Virgin Islands. Although this information was a blow to the reputation of Tether, the company quickly recovered, and many people consider it too big to fail since billions of dollars depend on the investor’s faith in Tether.

History of Tether

After the 2021 crypto boom, Tether’s trading volume surpassed Bitcoin’s, making it the most traded cryptocurrency worldwide. Since Tether is becoming increasingly popular, many conventional financial institutions are investing in it, and merchants everywhere are accepting it as a valid form of payment.

Which Are The Best Tether Esports Betting Sites?

Tether seems to be doing perfectly well, despite the state of the crypto markets, and it has evolved from the safety net of crypto investors to a widely accepted token. Many Tether betting sites appeared recently, and even the most reserved bookmakers are changing their opinions about accepting cryptocurrencies.

Best Tether Esports Betting Sites

One of the main reasons that Tether sports betting companies have become so popular is the anonymity they can offer to gamblers. Tether offers the best of both worlds, which is the safety and security of cryptocurrency combined with the stability of fiat currencies. Unfortunately, even though esports gambling is not illegal, many banks view it as a “risky” activity, and they might lower your credit score. Tether is the solution to this problem.

Pretty much any sports betting site that accepts crypto payments will also accept Tether, which means there are hundreds of options to choose from when looking for somewhere to bet with this coin. On the list below, you will find some of the best Tether esports betting sites available today.


Pinnacle has surprised the gambling community with how well it has penetrated the esports betting market. Although it was a traditional sports betting site, when esports became more popular, Pinnacle stepped in and started covering all the important tournaments.

Pinnacle logo

Thanks to the 20+ years of experience in the gambling industry, Pinnacle has created a solid esports betting section offering interesting betting markets for a multitude of esports.


Stake is definitely one of the best Tether betting sites, and it was also one of the first bookmakers that started allowing its users to bet using their crypto. This Tether sports betting site quickly became popular thanks to the variety of esports it covered and also its amazing live-betting features, including a live stream for every match and a cash-out option if you got cold feet on your bet.

Stake Logo

Stake allows you to hold and bet using your crypto, contrary to many popular Tether sports betting websites that only allow you to exchange the coin for fiat when you make a deposit. You can also find many crypto casino games if you want to try something different from esports gambling.


EGB was the first Tether betting website that was solely dedicated to covering esports events. On EGB it is a real pleasure to bet on popular games like Dota 2, Rainbow Six Siege, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but also smaller titles like Valorant and StarCraft II.

EGB logo

It is hard to find a betting site with more promotions and bonuses than EGB, and no matter what kind of betting you are into, there will be something to benefit from. Acca boosts, deposit bonuses, and cashbacks are only some of the bonuses you can get if you bet with EGB. This bookmaker is worth a try for any avid esports gambler.


Betwinner is known for the generous amount of esports it covers since, on it, you can find any games you can think of. On top of that, Betwinner offers an enormous number of betting markets, especially for the most popular games. You can find important matches with more than 300 options to choose from.

betwinner Logo

The website’s interface can be a bit challenging to learn at the beginning, but once you master it, you will realize that everything you might need for your betting journey is just a few clicks away. If you choose to make deposits with Tether, you will not have to pay any extra fees, and the transaction is executed instantly.

How To Use Tether On Esports Betting Sites

When you settle on which Tether sports betting website you want to use, you just need to create an account there, and you will already be able to start betting. Some bookmakers might require you to verify your email before making a deposit, but USDT sports betting sites are usually not strict regarding deposits.

Use Tether On Esports Betting Sites

One important thing you need to know before you complete any transaction with Tether is that there are various protocols on which Tether can be transported, and you have to use whichever is accepted by the wallet you are using and the bookmaker. Some of the protocols are ERC20 (Ethereum), TRC20 (TRON), Omni (Bitcoin), and Solana (Solana).

Be careful to pick matching protocols; otherwise, you will lose your money during the transfer. If you are unsure which protocols you can use on a Tether betting site, get in touch with their customer support team, and they will help you figure it out.

How To Deposit With Esports Betting Sites That Accept Tether?

Except for your Tether betting account, you will also need your crypto wallet ready to go before you can transfer any of your tokens to the bookmaker. When everything is ready, you are just a few clicks away from funding your account.

Tether deposits

To deposit with esports betting sites that accept Tether, you need to complete the following steps.

  1. Access your esports betting account
  2. Head to the payment section
  3. Pick Tether as your payment method and choose the correct protocol
  4. Type the amount you want to deposit
  5. Copy the address and paste it into your wallet
  6. You are done

Tether deposits are processed within five minutes, and the sportsbook will not charge you any fee for adding money to your account.

How To Withdraw With Esports Betting Sites That Accept Tether?

Withdrawals are as easy as deposits, but there is a catch. You will first have to complete an identity verification before you can get your money out of your betting account. This is done in compliance with anti-money laundering laws, and all legitimate Tether betting sites will ask for it.

Tether withdrawals

To withdraw from esports betting sites that accept Tether, you need to do the following.

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Head to the cashier tab
  3. Click on withdraw and pick Tether as your withdrawal method and the correct protocol
  4. Input the desired withdrawal amount
  5. Paste your wallet address
  6. Done

Even though transactions can be executed instantly on the Tether network, it might take a few days before you get your money if your bookmakers decide to take a closer look at your betting history to make sure you acquired your money fairly.

Online Betting With Tether: Pros and Cons

We have bad news for you if you think Tether is without flaws. Betting with Tether is a mix of positives and negatives that every gambler has to consider before he decides if he wants to use USDT.

tether advantage

A lot of esports bettors choose Tether as their payment method because of how low the fees are, especially compared to more conventional payment options. The fee will vary depending on the protocol you decide to use, but it is always much cheaper than banks and e-wallets. The only exception is the ERC20 protocol, which can have abnormally high fees in very busy times.

On the other hand, to use USDT, you need to actually own some before you start betting, which for it means joining the crypto world, something that many people are hesitant about. Although it is extremely easy to get your hands on crypto nowadays, it is still a procedure that takes some basic understanding of the field, something only young people have.

tether website

Another negative of using esports betting sites with Tether is that if you accidentally make a mistake while making your transaction, there are chances that you might lose your money. Since there is no central authority verifying the transactions and everything is automated, there is no customer support you can turn to if something goes wrong.

Advantages Of Using Esports Betting Sites With Tether

For us at Esports-Gamblers, Tether is one of the best available payment methods for online betting, and if we have the option, we always pick USDT because of its numerous benefits.

The main advantages of using esports betting sites with Tether are the following.

  • Extremely fast transactions
  • Complete anonymity
  • Easy to make deposits and withdrawals
  • Flexible limits

Disadvantages Of Using Esports Betting Sites With Tether

Tether is a relatively new payment method, and some things still need optimization to make it the ideal payment provider to use on esports betting websites.

The disadvantages of using esports betting sites with Tether are the following.

  • Some bookies don’t accept Tether payments
  • Risk of losing your money if you make a mistake

Tether Alternatives

If you are not convinced by what Tether offers, there are various other payment options you can use that have their benefits. Although very few can compete with Tether, you can find one that will do the job.

Below you will find a list of the Tether alternatives that we recommend and use if there is a bookmaker that doesn’t accept USDT.


Skrill might not be the most famous e-wallet in the world, but it is the most used one for gambling transactions. Almost every esports bookmaker accepts Skrill payments, so chances are that the bookmaker that has your attention already accepts it.

Skrill payments are very easy, and you only have to share your email to send and receive money, making it really secure.


What attracts most gamblers to Skrill is the combination of anonymity with the low fees since you can make transactions without your bank ever finding out. Even if online gambling is legal, there is no need for your bank to know how you spend your money.


PaySafeCard allows its users to use cash to make payments online, which is one of the best ways to make sure you don’t leave any trace when you are betting. All you have to do is go to a local vendor that sells PaySafeCard vouchers and buy one with cash. After that, you can immediately make a deposit with the 16-digit code on the voucher with no questions asked.

PaySafeCard Esports Betting Sites

If getting up and going to a local shop to buy PaySafeCard vouchers sounds like too much of a hassle, you can also find them online and buy one with your debit card. It might not be as anonymous as using cash, but it is definitely more convenient.


Tether sports betting sites are the best way to start your journey into the world of esports gambling, especially if you value your privacy. If you don’t already own USDT, you should consider getting some since it’s not only one of the easiest and safest ways to make deposits and withdrawals on online betting sites, but it is in also a gateway to a world with endless opportunities.

Don’t miss your chance and start betting with this incredible new payment method.


Is betting on esports betting sites with Tether safe?

Yes, betting on esports betting sites with Tether is completely safe since one of the main aspects of cryptocurrencies is how easy and secure it is to make transactions. The only “risk” comes if you make a mistake and type in the wrong wallet address. If you use copy-paste or a QR scanner, you shouldn’t have anything to be afraid of.

How long do USDT deposits take?

USDT deposits take only a few minutes, but the exact time depends on the protocol you use to send the money. ERC20, for example, might take from 1-30 minutes, depending on the network congestion, while Solana and Polygon usually take much less since they can handle thousands of transactions per second.

How long do USDT withdrawals take?

USDT withdrawals take from 1 minute to a couple of days, but the time mostly depends on the bookmaker rather than Tether since they might want to verify your identity or make sure your earnings are legitimate before processing your payment. After the betting site is done, your money should arrive within a few minutes.

Can I bet anonymously with Tether?

Yes, you can bet anonymously with Tether since you don’t need any identification to get a USDT wallet and put money into it. However, keep in mind that when you make a withdrawal, you will have to go through the KYC procedure, so the anonymity will be lost at that moment.

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