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NeoSurf is one of esports bookmakers’ most used payment methods, and its popularity continues to grow among gamblers. It is one of the most secure and anonymous ways of completing transactions, which makes it ideal for esports bettors that want to protect their financial information by not putting their names on transactions with gambling sites.

Online bookmakers are aware of this trend, and as a result, they are massively starting to accept NeoSurf payments making it challenging to find a sportsbook that doesn’t accept it. In this article, we will focus on solid esports betting sites that accept NeoSurf, and why you should use this payment method.

Brief History of NeoSurf

NeoSurf is a payment solution provider that was established in 2004 in France, and it has already left its mark in the financial sector, being accepted in more than 80 countries and also 72 online wallets, including Neteller and Ecopayz. Millions are using NeoSurf for their daily transactions, and the company is particularly famous on the African continent.

NeoSurf Esports Betting Sites

With the growing popularity of video games and esports tournaments, more and more young people need to make online transactions either for in-game currencies or skins and various other items. This is where NeoSurf comes in by giving an easy solution to consumers worldwide. All gamers have to do is find a retailer close to them that sells NeoSurf vouchers.

And since so many gamers were already familiar with NeoSurf, it became straightforward for them to use it for sports betting deposits.

Which Are The Best NeoSurf Esports Betting Sites?

There are a lot of online esports betting sites that accept NeoSurf payments, but not all are worth your attention or your money. Therefore, it is important to find a bookie that not only includes your preferred payment method but can also deliver a top-notch betting experience without any problems.

For this reason, we will give you a list of the best Neosurf bookmakers you can join today and start your gambling journey on the right track. We have tested all of the names on the list, and they are all reliable and legitimate esports betting sites with all the necessary tools to make gambling an absolute pleasure.


Before you decide on any esports betting site, you first have to take a look at GG.Bet, one of the most popular and well-made sportsbooks available. The focus of GG.Bet is not exclusively on esports, but there is a plethora of betting markets for all major esports tournaments and even some minor events. logo

Live betting is very simple on GG.Bet, and thanks to the various extra features like live streaming and a great bet builder, you can place the bets you want with just a few clicks. You can choose between multiple payment methods on GG.Bet, including NeoSurf, Skrill, PayPal, and more. All you have to do is give GG.Bet a try, and you will be convinced.


EGB is the ideal choice if you enjoy using promotions and bonuses since it offers all kinds of offers that its users can benefit from. You can get free bets, and bet boosts for most esports competitions or even take part in the daily promotions available for all gamblers.

EGB logo

Even if bonuses are not your thing, the competitive odds and unique betting markets should be enough to satisfy your betting needs. In addition, all deposits and withdrawals are completely free, and the limits are very flexible, depending on which payment method you choose.


If you are into online betting, then you definitely have heard about Bet365, the biggest gambling site in the world, with over 200 million monthly visitors, according to similarweb. It is not hard to see why so many people choose to bet on this sports betting site since it covers a lot of different sports and all the major esports titles.


Bet365 is synonymous with reliability, and it puts a lot of effort into providing the best experience to its users. Customer support is very responsive, and you can trust Bet365 with your money like millions of others have done.

William Hill

William Hill is the next NeoSurf bookmaker, which has proven that it knows how to cover esports matches. You can find betting markets for esports like Dota 2, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with excellent odds and instant payouts.

William Hill

William Hill is licensed by the United Kingdom Gaming Commission, which is one of the most trusted gambling license providers worldwide. If you have any doubts about joining William Hill, you can read the numerous reviews on the website online that praise it for its stellar services.


Betway is another famous sports betting site that also covers esports with great dedication and respect for the bettors. It is easy to open an account on Betway and even easier to start betting if you already have a NeoSurf voucher. Just complete the registration and KYC procedures, and you can immediately start placing your bets.

Betway logo

The bonuses at Betway are not that generous compared to other sports betting sites, but the high odds it offers more than make up for the difference. In addition, all the esports covered have multiple betting markets available with interesting exotic bets, so you will never get bored of betting in Betway.

How To Use NeoSurf On Esports Betting Sites

NeoSurf betting sites are widespread, and the process of making deposits is as simple as it gets. The most important thing to keep in mind is that if you want to make your deposits anonymously, the best option is to buy a NeoSurf voucher with cash at any local selling point.

neosurf website

You can still buy NeoSurf vouchers online, but that defeats the whole purpose of it since you will have to share your financial information, especially when you use your personal bank account. However, if you have no problem with that, then you can easily buy NeoSurf vouchers online within a few seconds and through various online stores.

How To Deposit With Esports Betting Sites That Accept NeoSurf?

Making a deposit with NeoSurf is probably the simplest option you can find, provided that you already have a voucher on your hands. If you don’t, you first need to get one from a local shop or online, depending on how you want to pay for it.

neosurf deposits

To deposit with esports betting sites that accept NeoSurf, you need to complete the following steps.

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on the deposit button (usually on the top right)
  3. Choose NeoSurf as your deposit option
  4. Enter the PIN number from your voucher
  5. Done

The money will be transferred to your account within seconds, and you can start placing esports bets immediately. All thanks to NeoSurf.

How To Withdraw With Esports Betting Sites That Accept NeoSurf?

Unfortunately, withdrawing with NeoSurf is not possible since it is an e-voucher service, since online sports betting sites cannot make a transfer to a voucher. Therefore, even if you have a NeoSurf account, you still cannot withdraw money from it since the only possible ways to fund your account are by a bank transfer, NeoSurf vouchers, and various cryptocurrencies.

How To Open A NeoSurf Account

A NeoSurf account can offer many benefits, and if you plan to make recurrent deposits on an esports betting site, it is more convenient to open one. Thankfully the procedure is fast and without any long bureaucratic procedures.

neosurf account

To open a NeoSurf account, you need to complete the following steps.

  1. Navigate to the NeoSurf website
  2. Click the “Log-in/ Register” button
  3. Pick a username and a password
  4. Done

We at Esports-Gamblers haven’t found a payment provider with a simpler registration than NeoSurf, and we have checked many of them.

Online Betting With NeoSurf: Pros and Cons

Even though there are a lot of positives to online betting with NeoSurf, it is necessary that you are aware of both the positives and negatives of it, so you can make a more informed decision.

neosurf account pros

The biggest advantage of betting with NeoSurf is that it can be completely anonymous. Since you will not share your financial information with no third parties, nobody can know that it was you that made the deposit, allowing you to keep your credit score “clean”.

Another positive characteristic of NeoSurf is that you can buy vouchers with cash. Not a lot of payment methods allow you to use your cash to fund your account, but NeoSurf understands that even if the age of cash is over, many people prefer to use the more traditional methods to make payments.

neosurf account benefits

One significant disadvantage to online betting with NeoSurf is that you cannot make withdrawals with it. Vouchers can be great for making deposits, but since you cannot use them to make withdrawals, their uses are much more limited, especially since most sports betting sites require you to use the same method for withdrawing as for depositing.

neosurf can do

If you are depositing with NeoSurf, you should also be aware of the strict limits imposed by many websites. NeoSurf is ideal for small deposits if you want to regularly benefit from deposit bonuses and free bets, but for larger transactions, there are much better alternatives.

Advantages Of Using Esports Betting Sites With NeoSurf

NeoSurf betting sites can be very appealing for esports bettors, and thanks to the numerous advantages of using NeoSurf, they are becoming increasingly popular.

The biggest advantages of using esports betting sites with NeoSurf are the following.

  • Complete anonymity for transactions
  • Payment by cash
  • Low fees
  • Instant deposits

Disadvantages Of Using Esports Betting Sites With NeoSurf

E-vouchers have some significant disadvantages when it comes to esports betting, and the same is true for NeoSurf.

Below you will find some of the disadvantages of using esports betting sites with NeoSurf.

  • No option to withdraw money from your NeoSurf account
  • Very low deposit limits
  • The inconvenience of buying a physical voucher

Neosuf Betting Alternatives

Even though NeoSurf is a very convenient and secure method of making online payments on betting websites, many of them don’t accept it as a payment method. Thankfully, there are many payment methods to choose from that are tailor-made for making deposits and withdrawals on any kind of gambling platform.

Neosuf Betting Alternatives

Below you will find our picks for the best NeoSurf betting alternatives so you can start your betting journey as smoothly as possible.


Using cryptocurrencies to make transactions on online sportsbooks is a relatively modern trend, but the advantages of this method are undeniable. It is tough to find lower fees than that of cryptocurrencies, especially if you use some of the less popular options and not Ethereum or Bitcoin.


You are guaranteed security when paying with cryptocurrencies since it uses technology focused on anonymity and untraceable transactions. All you need is a crypto wallet with sufficient funds, and you can complete payments in a variety of betting platforms in just a few clicks.


Although PayPal is not exactly the most “private” payment method, its ease of use makes it the perfect choice for quick and simple payments. If your PayPal account is connected to your bank account, you can pay directly with your PayPal account without the need to add any more to it.

paypal phone

If you are looking for the easiest payment option that allows both deposits and withdrawals, you don’t have to look any further since PayPal is as good as it gets.

NeoSurf vs EcoPayz

NeoSurf and EcoPayz are two different types of payment providers since the first one is an e-voucher, while the second one is an e-wallet. For that reason, there are fundamental differences between them, although esports betting websites across the world widely accept both.

ecopayz logo

The most notable advantage of EcoPayz over NeoSurf is that you can make withdrawals with it. If you are looking for simplicity, it is better to go with EcoPayz, because, with the same account, you can do everything, while with NeoSurf, you will need to use a bank account to take your money out of the bookmaker.

Surprisingly, the deposit limits of NeoSurf and EcoPayz are very similar, so it is not possible to declare which one is the better option. But if you reach higher levels on your EcoPayz account, you can have more flexible limits. On the other side, NeoSurf is the better option for unverified users since you can make bigger transactions.

neosurf deposit methods

NeoSurf’s fee structure is much softer than EcoPayz, which charges very high amounts for both deposits and withdrawals. Most methods for funding your account are without fees, and the same is true for using a NeoSurf voucher to make deposits on your betting account. EcoPayz, on the other hand, will charge you for all transactions with fees of up to 10%.


NeoSurf is a payment method accepted by many esports betting platforms, and many gamblers use it to fund their betting wallets without putting their financial information at risk. If NeoSurf seems like the correct payment method for you, all you have to do is look up where you can buy a voucher close to you, get dressed, and head to the place.

Thanks to this convenient payment solution, you can have your betting account funded in just a few minutes.


Is NeoSurf Safe?

NeoSurf is completely safe since all you have to do is type the PIN code of your voucher on any of the multiple NeoSurf betting websites, and you will receive your money instantly. If you want to be extra secure, you can buy a voucher from a physical shop with cash, so there is nothing at risk for you. It doesn’t get much safer than this.

Can I claim bonus offers if I deposit with NeoSurf?

Yes, you can claim bonus offers if you deposit with NeoSurf, although some online betting platforms don’t allow betting bonuses for specific types of deposits. Usually, Skrill and Neteller are excluded from free bets and deposit bonuses, but there are some cases where NeoSurf is as well.

How do I withdraw money from NeoSurf?

To withdraw money from NeoSurf, you need to make a transfer to your bank account with a 1.5% fee or use it to make a payment at any NeoSurf merchant. Be aware that before you can withdraw, you must complete the “Know Your Customer” procedure for security reasons and follow anti-money laundering rules.

What are the best NeoSurf betting sites?

The best NeoSurf betting sites are GG.Bet, Bet365, William Hill, and EGB. On these websites, you will find highly competitive odds and a lot of esports titles to bet on. All will gladly accept NeoSurf, and you can take full advantage of any bonus offers with a NeoSurf deposit.

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