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At Esports-Gamblers, we are always on the lookout for the best payment methods, and through our research, we have found Klarna to be one of the most dependable options. For years, Klarna has played a key role in the online gambling industry, and that likely isn’t going to change anytime soon.

If you want to find out which are some of the best Klarna betting sites and why are so many gamblers using them, read our article and get all the information you need.

Brief History of Klarna

Klarna is currently one of the highest valued fintech companies in the world, but that wasn’t always the case since back in 2005, the company consisted only of its three founders.

Klarna Esports Betting Sites

Their vision to create a payment system that allowed customers to make the purchases they wanted without the need to make the payments immediately was interesting to some initial investors, and Klarna had its start-up money. Then, through slow and steady development and expansion, the company started to attract millions of users.

Just eight years after the creation of Klarna, the company was valued at one billion dollars with more than ten million customers. In 2014, Klarna acquired the famous German payment provider Sofoft, and this marked the beginning of the Klarna Group. The international presence of Klarna continued to grow, with new offices in the United Kingdom, the USA, and many more countries.

klarna card

In 2017 Klarna got its banking license approved, and big names like Premira, Bestseller group, and Visa all joined in as investors. Since then, Klarna’s trajectory has been parabolic, both in profits and also active customers, nowadays boasting more than 150 million active users.

What is Klarna?

Klarna is a Swedish bank that offers online payment services. It acts as the middleman between your bank account and the shop you intend to pay at.

Not requiring to provide banking information adds an extra layer of protection, but Klarna also offers numerous other benefits that traditional e-wallets cannot.

what is klarna

One of the main selling points of Klarna is that it allows you to delay your payment to four interest-free payments every two weeks. It acts like a small loan for your purchases, except that there is no interest.

Klarna users have access to financing options, but they require you to go through a deep credit check before using it.

Which Are The Best Klarna Esports Betting Sites?

With more than 150 million users, Klarna has caught the attention of most betting sites. No matter if you are new to the gambling world or a hardened veteran, you should get familiar with how Klarna works and which are the best Klarna betting sites.

Below you will find a list of online bookmakers that accept Klarna and can offer you a quality esports betting experience. All you have to do is pick one from the list and use Klarna to make your payments.


Bet365 is the most popular betting site in the world, with more than 250 million monthly visitors and a revenue of $2.8 billion. Thanks to all this money, Bet365 has the resources to cover a lot of esports tournaments and offer some of the most interesting betting markets you can find available in the gambling industry.


Moreover, Bet365 accepts payments from various payment providers, and of course, Klarna is included. Using Klarna gives you immediate access to your funds and complete control over your betting account.


Unibet is a very well-designed and reliable Klarna betting site that can cover all your esports betting needs with just a few clicks. There is a plethora of esports titles covered, and you can find a lot of exclusive bonuses like free bets, cashback, and accumulator bet boosts for big esports tournaments.

unibet logo

Unibet has a very easy-to-learn interface that can transform even betting amateurs into betting geniuses in a couple of hours. Thanks to its great customer support and highly optimized website, Unibet can ensure an enjoyable betting experience.

William Hill

William Hill has been around for more than 20 years and has a track record of providing solid esports services for the most popular esports. If you’re a live bettor, William Hill is one of the best bookmakers to choose from, as it provides live streams of major tournaments like The International and Intel Extreme Masters directly from the website.

William Hill

William Hill has the added benefit of being certified by the United Kingdom Gaming Commission, ensuring that it’s a legitimate betting site.


If you want to bet on both big and small esports titles and make Klarna deposits, Betway is the right place to go. On Betway, you can bet on popular titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, and Dota 2, but also smaller ones like Valorant and Rocket League. There are a ton of betting markets to choose from with highly competitive odds.

Betway logo

Klarna is the best payment method you can choose when depositing money on Betway, due to fast and fee-less transactions this payment method provides.


GG.Bet is an excellent bookmaker and a perfect choice for any esports bettors. It covers any kind of esports game you can think of, with great odds and amazing betting features. You can even test the site without using your money, by placing free bets with the GG.Bet credits.

gg.bet logo

If you get tired of betting on esports, the GG.Bet casino is always there and ready to entertain you for hours, with games from a variety of casino games providers.

How To Use Klarna On Esports Betting Sites

You can use Klarna on most esports betting sites since it’s one of the most accessible payment methods in the online betting industry.

how to use klarna

Although you need to be aware that one of the basic features of Klarna, “Pay in 4” option, is not available on betting sites. This is done both to protect people from spending money they don’t have due to a gambling addiction and also as a safety precaution for the payment provider.

Although these services are one of the selling points of Klarna, many gamblers still use it for payments since it charges minimal transaction fees, and its safety standards are some of the highest in the industry.

It’s worth noting that for every transaction, a “new” card is created by Klarna, meaning you don’t put your financial information to any risk.

How To Deposit With Esports Betting Sites That Accept Klarna?

After you have decided on which Klarna betting site you want to use, you need to make your first deposit to start betting. Thanks to Klarna, this procedure is pretty straightforward, and you can have your money in your betting account in no time.

deposit klarna

To deposit with esports betting sites that accept Klarna you need to complete these steps.

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Head to the cashier tab
  3. Choose Klarna as your preferred payment method and enter the desired payment amount
  4. Type your Klarna information in the window that pops up
  5. Done

After you finish the procedure, you should already be able to see the money in your account. Then, you are ready to bet on any esports your heart desires.

How To Withdraw With Esports Betting Sites That Accept Klarna?

Even though withdrawing with Klarna is pretty easy; unfortunately, not all bookies accept it as a withdrawal method. If you can’t withdraw with Klarna, many esports bookmakers will ask you to use your bank account to do so, which sometimes comes with extra fees, so make sure the website you are looking at also allows for Klarna withdrawals.

withdrawals klarna

To withdraw from esports betting sites that accept Klarna, you can do the following.

  1. Log in to your betting profile
  2. Navigate to the cashier page
  3. Pick Klarna as your withdrawal method
  4. Type the amount you want and add your Klarna account information
  5. You are done

Remember that most betting sites will require you to complete an identity verification before you can withdraw in compliance with anti-money laundering procedures. So preferably you should have done it in advance, so you get your money as fast as possible.

How To Create a Klarna Account

Creating a Klarna can confuse some people because it is a bit more complicated than other payment methods like NeoSurf, which requires you to have a pin code. You don’t need to worry, though since we will explain to you the process step by step, so you don’t get lost.

klarna account

To create a Klarna account you need to do as follows

  1. Download the Klarna app and select your country of residence
  2. Click on “Create account”
  3. Add and verify your email account
  4. Do the same with your phone number
  5. Done

You have successfully created your account, but before you can make purchases, you need to link a payment method with Klarna and also verify your identity. Similarly to online betting sites, it is better to do it as soon as possible.

Online Betting With Klarna: Pros and Cons

In most regards, online betting with Klarna is excellent, and it is considered by many one of the best payment options for esports bettors. Still, there are also some negatives that every potential user needs to be aware of.

One of the main negatives of online betting with Klarna is that sometimes you cannot take part in the deposit bonus when you are using it. These payment method exclusions apply in some Klarna betting sites, and if you are someone that enjoys hunting for bonuses, then maybe Klarna is not the best payment method for you.

pros klarna

Klarna’s biggest advantage is that you are not exposed to any risk when making a transaction. Everything is highly encrypted and secure with the latest safety protocols. Betting is risky, so putting your financial information is not necessary to give you the thrill. It is better to keep safe.

Advantages Of Using Esports Betting Sites With Klarna

There are numerous advantages to using Klarna and especially for esports betting, which is a very demanding experience for newcomers. Klarna will make everything simple and smooth.

Here are some advantages of using esports betting sites with Klarna.

  • Safe and anonymous transactions.
  • Low fees
  • Fast payments
  • Easy to use

Disadvantages Of Using Esports Betting Sites With Klarna

Before you start creating your Klarna account, make sure that you take a look at the negatives of using it for betting sites since you can find something that can be a deal breaker for you.

Below you will find the main disadvantages of using esports betting sites with Klarna.

  • Tight deposit limits
  • Not available in a lot of countries
  • “Pay later” features are not available for betting sites

Klarna Betting Alternatives

No need to despair if the website you prefer doesn’t accept Klarna payments since various other payment methods can perfectly cover your esports betting needs.

We will recommend various payment methods that online gamblers prefer to offer safe transactions with complete anonymity, exactly like Klarna. Of course, we at Esports-Gamblers have tested all the options, so we can tell you from our experience that you can trust them without a second thought.


Cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the financial sector, and finding a more secure way to make transactions as cost-efficient is hard. Bitcoin is the most popular crypto, but it’s the smaller coins that are ideal for making payments in esports bookmakers.

Crypto like Tron, Litecoin, and USDT are excellent choices thanks to the minimum fees they charge and instant transactions.

litecoin logo

If you think you will have trouble finding sportsbooks that accept altcoins, you are mistaken since cryptocurrencies have taken over the betting world, and most famous and reliable bookies will gladly accept them. There are even solid crypto betting sites like Stake that accept only cryptocurrencies as payments, so there is no need to worry.


If we are talking about more traditional payment methods, Skrill is the payment provider that is dominating the gambling industry without a doubt. Skrill is an e-wallet with a 95% acceptance rate from all esports betting sites, so you will definitely have a lot of options to choose from.


Skrill deposits are instant, and the fees you will have to pay are some of the lowest in the betting industry, especially compared to other more commercial options like PayPal and bank transfers. If you want secure, fast, and in general stress-free payments, Skrill is the way to go.

Countries Where You Can Use Klarna

One of the main drawbacks of Klarna is that it is not available worldwide. Actually, it is not available in many countries in general, since depending on the services you are interested in, only a hand full of regions are supported.

countries klarna

Klarna is available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Great Britain, Greece, Portugal, Czechia the USA, Canada, and Australia. Compared to a payment method like PayPal, which is available in more than 200 countries, Klarna’s country list is disappointing.

Although it makes sense that the services that Klarna provides are more specific and require a lot of cooperation between the company and a country’s financial institutions, only 20 countries supported is not enough to cover the rising demand for quality payment methods in the betting industry.


Klarna is one of the biggest fintech companies in the world, and a lot of esports betting sites accept it for both deposits and withdrawals. With completely secure transactions and a very tempting fee structure, it is hard to find a traditional payment method that competes with Klarna. If you are looking to join one of the multiple Klarna betting sites, you can do so without any restraint.


Is Klarna safe to use?

Yes, Klarna is a safe payment method that offers fast transactions with low fees to millions of customers across multiple countries. Thanks to that, the esports betting world has embraced Klarna, and it is quickly becoming a sought-after method on the most popular sites in the world.

How do I pay using Klarna at esports betting sites?

To pay using Klarna at esports betting sites, you just need to head to the cashiers’ tab in your betting account, choose Klarna as your preferred payment method, and enter the amount you want. Once you are done, you will be asked to add your Klarna PIN to complete the transaction. If everything is done correctly, the transaction will go through immediately.

Can I Use Klarna With Other Online Payment Methods?

You can connect Klarna to your bank account, so you don’t need to add money to it manually; but instead, any transaction you make will be automatically redirected to your bank. Unfortunately, you cannot connect Klarna with any other payment methods.

What are some alternatives to Klarna?

Some alternatives to Klarna are Skrill, cryptocurrencies, NeoSurf, and PayPal. If the best Klarna betting sites are not what you are looking for, any of these methods is more than good enough to satisfy even the most demanding esports gamblers.

What are the best Klarna esports betting sites?

Some of the best Klarna esports betting sites are Bet365, Unibet, GG.Bet and Betway. No matter what esports you are into, if there is a competitive league for it, you can find betting markets on any of these websites and join the fun!

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