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EcoPayz is one of the first digital wallets ever developed, and thanks to its reputation, it has become one of the favorite payment methods for numerous esports bettors. The ease of use and security features of EcoPayz has turned it into one of the most popular payment options for esports betting. Without the need for a bank account, many new esports betting sites accept EcoPayz for payments.

In this article, we will explore EcoPayz as a payment provider for online gambling platforms and give you our picks for the best EcoPayz betting sites you can choose from.

Brief History of EcoPayz

EcoPayz was originally founded in 2000 under the name Ecocard. Right from the get-go, it had a huge impact on the financial sector, providing fast and secure online transactions with a few buttons. In 2009 the company launched its own iPhone application, becoming the first financial institution to do so.

ecopayz logo

In 2013 this payment solution provider was renamed to EcoPayz, which is the name it still uses to this day, becoming synonymous with stability and innovation. EcoPayz operates in more than 170 countries and 49 currencies, making it accessible to most of the world and the perfect payment provider for international money transfers.

The company behind EcoPayz is IPS Solutions Ltd. Registered in Cyprus and is authorized and regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) to issue electronic money and also provide payment services.

Which Are The Best EcoPayz Esports Betting Sites?

Even though there are bigger e-wallets than EcoPayz, esports bettors have embraced EcoPayz thanks to its top-notch security standards and fast payments. Most online betting sites, especially the most popular ones, are aware of that, and EcoPayz has become one of the most widely accepted e-wallets in the gambling industry.

It can be quite a daunting task to pick a solid EcoPayz betting site, especially if you are not an experienced gambler. For that reason, we will recommend to you some of the best gambling websites that accept payments through EcoPayz, and at the same time, can offer you the best esports betting experience possible.


Pinnacle is a betting site established in 1998 to provide the most accurate closing odds to its users. More than 20 years later, it is safe to say that it has achieved this goal, and nowadays, Pinnacle is the definition of a sharp bookie.

You can find esports betting markets for all the major tournaments, and the website has a special section dedicated to esports, specially designed to facilitate esports betting.

Pinnacle logo

Once you have a valid Pinnacle account, it is easy to make deposits, and EcoPayz is one of the best payment methods. Deposits are executed instantly, and you can immediately start betting on your favorite esports.


Rivalry is one of the best EcoPayz betting sites, and its specialty is esports. You can bet on some of the most popular esports titles like Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, and even some niche games. In addition, Rivalry offers excellent live betting features such as live streaming, a cash-out option, and statistics about the teams competing.

RIvalry Logo

The website is perfectly optimized, and all the processes are as simple as possible. You can create an account in just a couple of minutes, and everything you will need for esports betting is accessible in just a few clicks. Few esports betting sites can compete with what Rivalry has to offer.

William Hill

As one of the most popular sportsbooks around the world, William Hill knows how to entertain its users and guarantee security and a safe place to bet. The website doesn’t focus exclusively on esports, but it does an excellent job at covering all the important esports events, and it offers competitive odds and spicy betting options that will satisfy even the most demanding bettor.

William Hill

If you already have an EcoPayz account, you can make deposits instantly with no additional fees, so you do not have to waste energy and effort with long verification procedures. If you are looking for a reliable EcoPayz betting site, you can’t go wrong with William Hill.


Pretty much any esports bettor has heard of GG.Bet, as it is a very well-known esports betting platform that covers multiple tournaments across a plethora of esports titles. GG.Bet has been the exclusive partner of popular esports events, most notably “The International 2022” of Dota 2.

There is a variety of esports-exclusive promotions on GG.Bet that the bettor can benefit from enhancing his betting experience with juicy deposit bonuses and a lot of free bets. logo

GG.Bet is a licensed gambling website with a reputation for providing fair odds and prioritizing the needs of its users overall, making it the perfect pick for any type of esports betting. If GG.Bet is available in your country, don’t think twice and start your betting journey by opening an account today.


EGB is probably the most generous EcoPayz betting site on our list, offering a welcome bonus of $600 and many different promotions. No matter which payment method you choose, you can benefit from all the promotions, and in combination with the excellent odds that EGB offers, esports betting can become a real pleasure.

EGB logo

The customer support agents at EGB are prepared to deal with any issue that might come up, providing solutions at neck-breaking speeds. We can safely recommend you EGB, knowing that it will cover your esports betting needs.

How To Use ecoPayz On Esports Betting Sites

Using EcoPayz to deposit funds on your betting account is really simple, and most online bookmakers that accept this payment service will not charge you any fees for deposits or withdrawals.

ecopayz app

You can add money to your EcoPayz account either via credit or debit card, local deposit option, or through your bank account. It is easy to complete a deposit with EcoPayz, and you don’t need to provide any sensitive financial information, making it a safe payment method.

That being said, there are limits on the total amount you can deposit or withdraw both by EcoPayz and the gambling platform. Even if the transaction limits set by the bookie are flexible, EcoPayz allows for a limited transaction amount, depending on your account level.

This can range from $200 for the Classic level and reach up to $2.500. But you must also be aware of daily, weekly, and monthly limits before choosing EcoPayz online payment services.

How To Deposit With Esports Betting Sites That Accept EcoPayz?

Even though every betting site has a different interface and design, making deposits with EcoPayz is the same simple process as long as you have money in your EcoPayz wallet.

ecopayz deposit

To deposit with esports betting sites that accept EcoPayz, you need to do the following.

  1. Login to your gambling account on any website that accepts EcoPayz payments
  2. Head to the cashier tab
  3. Choose EcoPayz and enter your desired deposit amount
  4. Authorize the payment from your EcoPayz account
  5. You are done

You will not waste any time by using EcoPayz to fund your betting profile. More importantly, the deposit limits for this payment method are some of the highest allowed on esports betting websites.

How To Withdraw With Esports Betting Sites That Accept EcoPayz?

Depositing money is always simpler than withdrawing, but with EcoPayz, you can do both very quickly. Once the sportsbook processes the withdrawal, your sports betting funds will be transferred to your EcoPayz account within one to three days.

ecopayz withdraw

To withdraw from esports betting sites that accept EcoPayz, you have to follow these steps.

  1. Login to your betting account
  2. Navigate to the cashier tab
  3. Choose EcoPayz from the available payment methods
  4. Enter your desired amount and authorize the transaction
  5. Done

Remember that to complete a withdrawal from any legitimate online betting site, you must complete the “Know Your Customer” process by providing some form of identification to prove your identity in compliance with AML policies.

How To Open A EcoPayz Account

It is hard to find an online payment provider with a simpler registration process than EcoPayz, which is part of why it attracts so many people. With just a few clicks, your account can be ready to go, and you can already start using EcoPayz to fund your esports betting account.

ecopayz account

To open an EcoPayz account, you just need to complete the following simple steps.

  1. Navigate to the official EcoPayz website
  2. Click on the sign-up button on the top right
  3. Create a username and submit your personal information
  4. Complete the two-factor authentication
  5. You are done

Your account is ready to go, but you need to remember if you don’t verify your identity, you will be stuck on the classic account level, which has some pretty strict limitations. We recommend you go for silver at least to utilize EcoPayz to the fullest.

Online Betting With EcoPayz: Pros and Cons

As with all online payment methods, EcoPayz has a mix of positives and negatives that make it suitable for specific kinds of bettors. Thankfully, in the case of EcoPayz, its advantages outweigh the disadvantages, but it is still important to be aware of both to have a complete image of this payment option.

ecopayz view

One of the reasons why EcoPayz has become one of the most popular payment methods in the online betting world is that you can open an account and start making transactions without the need to verify your identity or link your bank account. You can make a money transfer and are ready to go. Very few online payment providers can offer you that.

Moreover, most esports bookmakers accept EcoPayz, and they will not charge you any extra fees for either deposits or withdrawals. The transaction limits set by gambling sites are usually very flexible, but EcoPayz has strict transaction limits that can limit any big bettor.

ecopayz fees

The fees that EcoPayz charges are moderately high, and for big transactions, the money you are losing really adds up. In addition, there is an inactivity fee of $1.5 every month, which forces you to continuously make transactions if you don’t want to lose any money unnecessarily.

Advantages Of Using Esports Betting Sites With EcoPayz

There are multiple advantages to using EcoPayz as your payment provider on any gambling site that will accept it. We already mentioned a few, but there is much more that EcoPayz can give to you.

Here are some of the main advantages of using esports betting sites with EcoPayz.

  • Instant deposits
  • High security standards
  • User friendly mobile application

Disadvantages Of Using Esports Betting Sites With EcoPayz

While EcoPayz is a great payment method, it has disadvantages that can be a real dealbreaker for a lot of esports bettors. So make sure you are okay with them before you use EcoPayz.

The disadvantages of using esports betting sites with EcoPayz are the following.

  • Relatively high fees
  • Withdraws take up to three days
  • Strict transaction limits.

EcoPayz Betting Alternatives

If EcoPayz is not your cup of tea, or you don’t want to join EcoPayz betting sites, there is no need to worry since multiple alternatives to EcoPayz will do an equally fantastic job.

Some e-wallets can compete and even come out on top compared to EcoPayz, but also payment methods like cryptocurrencies can offer services with advantages that EcoPayz cannot match. So if you are looking for something different, we suggest some of the best payment providers for esports betting.


Due to its low fee structure and high security standards, Skrill is the king of payment providers for online gambling sites. Approximately 95% of all sportsbooks accept it, so the one you prefer will likely most accept Skrill payments without any problems.


Like EcoPayz, Skrill offers instant transactions but with very flexible deposit and withdrawal limits, making it the perfect choice for any kind of betting. In addition, creating an account is very easy, although you must verify your identity before completing any transactions.


It should come as no surprise that we recommend Bitcoin as an alternative to EcoPayz, since Bitcoin is, in many ways, superior to it. Bitcoin offers the highest level of anonymity for financial transactions, and payments can be excecuted just by pasting an address on your Bitcoin wallet.


If you already own some Bitcoin, you can use it to fund your account instantly and with very low fees. Of course, Bitcoin has its drawbacks, but it is still an excellent option for most esports bettors.

Neteller vs EcoPayz

EcoPayz is definitely a viable payment provider for online gambling sites, but another strong option is Neteller, an e-wallet owned by the Paysafe Group. We will compare these two options to find out which one of these is more suitable for esports betting.

Neteller Esports Betting Sites

Neteller is the clear winner regarding the fee structure since its fees are significantly lower than EcoPayz. For example, EcoPayz can charge up to 10% of the amount for a bank deposit, making it utterly non-viable for bettors that have to pay these fees. On the other hand, Neteller has fees of up to 2.5%, which are much more manageable, although still not the best possible.

Neteller also has much higher deposit and withdrawal limits, with the maximum amount per transaction reaching $15.000 – depending on your VIP level. Therefore, any kind of big bettor should choose Neteller to have the flexibility necessary to enjoy esports betting.

The main advantage of EcoPayz over Neteller is how simple and easy it is to create an account. Neteller requires you to complete the KYC procedure before you can start making transactions, while EcoPayz gives you the option to do so anonymously. So if you want to “test” a sportsbook without exposing any of your personal information, EcoPayz is a perfect choice.


Ecopayz has been around for quite some time, and esports bettors around the world depend on it continuously to provide them with safe and quick transactions with the least amount of “paperwork”. So if any of the EcoPayz betting sites in this article seems to be the right choice for you, don’t hesitate and join the fun by creating your account today.


What is ecoPayz?

Ecopayz is an online payment provider founded in 2000 that provides safe and secure transactions to more than 170 countries and 50 currencies. In the last few years, a lot of esports bettors have started to use EcoPayz because of its anonymity features and high acceptance rate from online bookmakers.

What fees does ecoPayz charge?

EcoPayz charges multiple fees on most financial transactions that you can complete. For bank deposits, it can charge up to 10%, while credit card deposits range from 1.69 to 6.00% plus $0.25. If you want to convert from one currency to another, EcoPayz charges a fee of up to 2.99%, depending on your account level.

What are the best ecoPayz esports betting sites?

The best EcoPayz esports betting sites are Pinnacle, Rivalry, GG.Bet and EGB. All offer interesting betting markets for all the major esports titles and fair odds that will make your esports betting experience enjoyable.

Is it safe to use esports betting sites with ecoPayz?

Yes, it is safe to use esports betting sites with EcoPayz, since the payment services it provides are regulated by the Central Bank of Cyprus, ensuring that everything is legitimate and in accordance with the law. In addition, EcoPayz uses SSL encryption protocols to ensure the safety of its users’ financial and personal information.

What are the best ecoPayz alternatives?

The best alternatives to EcoPayz are cryptocurrencies, Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller, which offer you secure and instant payments with fees even lower than the ones offers by EcoPayz.

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