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Valorant is one of the newest names to enter the esports betting scene, published in June 2020 by Riot Games – mostly known for its MOBA esports title, League of Legends. But while it is one of the youngest FPS titles, Valorant didn’t need long to establish itself as one of the most-played online video games and one of the largest and most prominent esports titles.

Valorant found success in the esports scene in the first few months of its creation, and consequently, it quickly became a hit in the online esports betting scene. It didn’t take long for esports bookmakers to see the potential Valorant betting has, and by the end of the year, you could find Valorant betting markets on all esports betting sites and even traditional bookmakers such as Bet365, William Hill, and Pinnacle.

Valorant Betting Odds Guide

So clearly, finding Valorant betting odds is very straightforward, and you won’t struggle to find betting markets for some of Valorant’s biggest events in the Valorant Champions Tour, including Valorant Champions. But there’s more to Valorant betting than just finding betting odds – you also need to know how to read them.

In the simplest terms, Valorant betting odds show the probability of a certain event happening in a Valorant match or tournament. Most commonly, the odds show the likelihood of a team winning the next match or event. This is a straightforward explanation of what Valorant betting odds are, yet there’s more you need to know, starting with the odds formats.

Valorant Odds Format

Depending on which Valorant betting sites you’re using, you might see Valorant odds displayed differently. While the format of the odds doesn’t change what the odds represent, there is a different way you read American, Fractional, and Decimal odds.

American Valorant Odds

American odds, also known as Moneyline odds (or US odds), is an odds format used mainly by the US Valorant betting websites but is also available on various European bookmakers. On the surface, American odds seem a bit complex and unusual, but in reality, they’re very easy to understand.

Valorant Odds - American

American online betting odds are displayed with a positive (+) or a negative sign (-), indicating which team is the favorite and which is considered the underdog. For example, if Team Liquid are favored to defeat Acend, Valorant betting websites will price Liquid at -200 and Acend at +150.

Besides showing which team is favored to win, American odds also show how much money you have to risk to win $100 and how much money you can expect to earn per a $100 bet. For example.

Team A is priced as -200 favorites, meaning you have to risk $222 to earn $100.

Team B is priced as +150 underdogs, meaning you can expect to earn $150 profit from a $100 bet.

Fractional Valorant Odds

Fractional betting odds, also known as UK odds, aren’t as common as the other two odds formats, but they are very popular among UK bettors and readily available on any UK Valorant betting site. Unlike the American odds, fractional odds are written as fractions, usually with a hyphen (1-2) or a slash (1/2), showing the ratio between the potential profit and the stake you make on your Valorant bet.

Valorant Odds - Fractional

If Team A is priced at 4/5, you have to risk $5 to earn a $4 profit.

If Team B is priced at 2/1, you have to risk $1 to earn a $2 profit.

Perhaps an easier way to read what fractional odds show is to calculate the fraction and multiply the result with your stake to see the amount of profit you can expect to earn.

Decimal Valorant Odds

Decimal odds (or European odds) are by some considered to be the best Valorant betting odds format, mainly because they’re very easy to read and understand. Instead of using positive/negative signs of fractions, the decimal odds are written as a simple decimal number. The higher number indicates the underdogs, and the lower number shows which teams are the favorite.

Valorant Odds - Decimal

Moreover, calculating potential profits with decimal odds is as simple as multiplying your stake with the odds. Notably, the result will show the total payout, so you’ll have to deduct the initial stake from the result to get the profit.

Example: A $100 stake on a team priced at 2.30 will earn you ($100 x 2.30) a $230 payout and a ($230 – $100) $130 profit.

Since any Valorant betting sites allow you to change the odds format, you don’t have to know all three to be able to bet. However, it helps to be knowledgeable about all the odds format if you intend to bet on Valorant seriously.

Which Are The Best Valorant Betting Sites?

Finding a bookmaker which will offer Valorant betting online options isn’t difficult, mainly because Valorant is one of the most popular esports games and extremely well covered by most online betting sites. However, any successful Valorant betting endeavors start with picking the best Valorant betting sites, so if you want to bet on Valorant and succeed, you should find a solid bookmaker for the job.

With so many betting sites offering betting on Valorant, it might sound like a tedious task to find a solid website, but there are things you can look for to identify the best Valorant betting site. And it all starts with knowing that a good Valorant betting website must be legal, safe, and licensed, as only this way can you ensure the safety of your personal information and your money.

Valorant Markets Midnite

Moreover, you have to find a bookmaker with competitive odds and enough markets, ensuring that you can place any Valorant bets you like and on any Valorant tournament you wish. Lastly, it helps to find a bookmaker with betting promotions and bonuses such as free bets, welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, and other offers.

Notably, there is no best Valorant betting site, but there are many great bookmakers that will accept your Valorant bets. We have tested many bookmakers, and from our findings, there are five bookmakers you should consider using for your Valorant bets:

All five bookmakers are legal and safe and offer quality odds with plenty of betting markets on Riot Games’ FPS title. Moreover, all cover the important Valorant Champions Tour events, offering a solid betting experience.

Valorant Betting Markets

While betting on Valorant, you’ll encounter many different bet types and ways to place your bets. And even though there are many Valorant betting options, the bet types are, for the most part, very similar to the bets offered on other FPS esports titles.

Some of the most popular Valorant bet types include:

  • Moneyline (Match winner)
  • Handicaps
  • Totals (Over/Under)
  • Prop bets
  • Outrights

Since competitive Valorant doesn’t differ much from other FPS titles in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or even Call of Duty, its bet types also work the same way. Likewise, most of the popular Valorant bets work the same way as sports bets, so if you have a basic understanding of bet types, you will be able to bet on Valorant easily.

How To Find The Best Valorant Esports Betting Odds

Finding the best Valorant betting odds is one of the most important things esports bettors need to do if they wish to succeed in their betting endeavors. And the only way to find the best odds is to register with the best esports bookmaker.

Valorant Markets Rivalry

However, you should know that no one bookmaker will always provide you with the best Valorant odds. Instead, you should use more than one bookmaker with solid odds offer and the price shop to find the best odds on the market.

Besides having accounts with multiple bookmakers, price shopping is the only and best way to find generous Valorant odds. Price shopping is pretty straightforward as it’s basically checking all available bookmakers and trying to locate a betting site with the best odds for the Valorant matches you want to bet on.

Valorant Odds

For example, if you want to bet on Fnatic to defeat G2 Esports and Bet365 is offering 2.10 on Fnatic, while GG.Bet has Fnatic priced at 2.15, you would place your bet with GG.Bet. That doesn’t necessarily mean that GG.Bet will always have better odds on all Valorant matches tough, so you’ll have to check the odds offer every time before you engage in real money Valorant betting.

Spotting these small differences in the offered betting odds is critical to your long-term success, as even the smallest price gaps can add up in the long run. If you regularly bet with odds that are 0.05 higher, you’ll make a lot of additional profit over 1,000 or 10,000 bets.

Valorant Betting Tips & Tricks

Betting on Valorant is very simple, and anyone can do it, but that doesn’t mean that everyone will make a profit from it. Learning how to read the odds, understanding all the bet types, and having some understanding of how the Valorant esports scene operates is just the first step towards a successful betting journey.

The rest comes down to having the right approach, mindset, and tools. Here we will offer you five Valorant betting tips you should follow to set yourself up for success.

Learn About The Game

Before you can start betting on Valorant, you have to learn a thing or two about the game and understand how Valorant works. There are many ways to do so, but the easiest is to actually play the game yourself.

You don’t have to spend thousands of hours playing Valorant, though; however, by downloading the game and playing a couple of matches, you’ll get a much better understanding of Valorant agents, how the maps look, and overall how Valorant games look. A solid understanding of the game is also highly beneficial if you intend to try live betting, as you’ll have a much easier time finding good betting opportunities.

Follow The Professional Scene

Besides playing Valorant to learn about the game, you should consider following the Valorant pro scene and watching professional games. You don’t have to watch every game, but at least keep up to date with the biggest valorant events, such as Valorant Champions and bigger Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) events.

Find The Best Esports Betting Sites

Any successful betting journey begins with registering with a solid betting site that is legit, safe, and can provide you with competitive odds and enough betting markets. So if you want to succeed in betting on Valorant, it’s important that you hold a betting account with an excellent real money betting site.

Know that there is no single best bookmaker for Valorant, but rather many great betting sites. So it’s advisable that you register with multiple bookmakers, so you can price shop and take advantage of any welcome bonuses, promotions, and free bets you can find.

Try Live Betting

Live betting might not be for everyone, but it’s an exciting and alternative way to bet on Valorant that you should consider trying. Although live betting requires a strong understanding of the game, it’s a perfect way to spice up your betting experience once you feel confident in your ability to correctly predict what’s going to happen in any given match.

Notably, you need to have access to a bookmaker that offers you an option to live bet on Valorant games with in-play markets and live streams. However, since most Valorant online esports betting sites offer live streams and in-play markets, finding a website to bet Valorant live won’t be an issue.

Have The Right Mindset

You shouldn’t approach betting on Valorant or any other esports, thinking that you’re guaranteed to make a profit. The reality is that most people lose money betting, granted that’s because they don’t treat it the right way.

Treat betting as an investment; don’t expect to become rich overnight. If you have a plan, do your research, know how to manage your bankroll, and use the right tools, you will come out ahead, but it’s a long-term process. Most importantly, you should never chase your losses and come to terms with the fact that losing streaks will happen – just like winning streaks will.

With that, we conclude our Valorant betting guide, teaching you everything you need to know about betting on the Valorant Champions Tour and how to approach it. Equipped with all that knowledge, you’re now ready to find a good Valorant betting site, register for an account, and place your first Valorant bet. But remember to bet responsibly and never chase your losses!

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