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It is hard to find a game that influenced the esports industry more than StarCraft II since it is one of the oldest games that still have an active esports scene and millions of viewers worldwide. However, although the game has been out for ages, many people are still unfamiliar with how StarCraft II odds function and which are the best techniques for using them to your advantage.

Before you start StarCraft II betting, read our guide for StarCraft II odds so you don’t get lost when you start betting, and instead, enjoy your time and try to make a nice profit.

StarCraft II Odds Formats

Any solid StarCraft II betting site will allow you to choose between different odds formats to better suit your betting needs. The most common are the American, the fractional, and the decimal odds, each used in different parts of the world.

StarCraft II Odds

If you are already familiar with one of them, it will make it easier to understand how the rest work, but if you are new to StarCraft 2 betting, it would be helpful that you study all of them and choose the one that seems the most useful for you. We will tell you some of their advantages and disadvantages, but in the end, it all comes down to personal preference.

American StarCraft II Odds

The American odds format. It is mostly used in the United States, and the odds have two parts, the symbol (plus or minus) and then the number. According to the symbol, the meaning of the number following it changes.

American StarCraft II Odds

In the case of a minus, the odds signify the amount you will have to wager to make a profit of $100. The larger the number is, the more certain the bet is, but also, the smaller the profit you can make. For example, odds of -1000 mean that if you bet $500, you will only make $50, and the probability of the bet is 90.9%.

If the odds start with a plus, then the number represents how much profit you will make if you make a bet of $100. If this time we have the odds +1000, the probability is reversed to 9.1%, and the potential profit if you bet $500 is $5000.

As you can probably tell, just the fact that you need to memorize two different cases can create some confusion for the bettors, especially the new ones. If you are planning to place only bets of $100, then this is the best method to use. In any other case, the other methods are handier.

Fractional StarCraft II Odds

If you are good with fractions, then the fractional odds are the perfect choice for you. But, even if you aren’t, it is one of the simplest odds formats you can choose, and if you understand how it works, you can learn how to use it to measure the probability of a bet pretty quickly.

Fractional StarCraft II Odds

These odds are mostly used in the United Kingdom and Ireland and are presented in a fraction (X/Y) which gives you the ratio between wagered amount and the profit. So if, for example, you wager $600 with odds of 4/6, your profit will be $400 since for every $6 you bet, you will get $4 as profit.

This odds format is easy to understand, and you can pretty quickly calculate how much money you are going to make. Still, it is not the most convenient method to give you a clear view of the probability of a bet, and it can get confusing to calculate if the odds change while you enjoy some live betting.

Decimal StarCraft II Odds

The last format we will mention is the decimal one which is mostly used in Europe and is considered by many to be the simplest one for online betting because it allows the bettor to easily compare odds between various sports betting platforms.

Decimal StarCraft II Odds

The decimal odds are just a number with two decimal places, and if you multiply it by your bet amount, you will get the total payout amount if your prediction is correct. Remember that to calculate the profit; you have to subtract your initial bet amount from the total payout.

If you want to convert the decimal odds to the implied probability, you have to divide one by the odds. One of the reasons that big bettors prefer this odds format is how easy it is to make calculations and get a clear view of what is your risk-reward ratio.

Which Is The Best Esports Betting Site For StarCraft II

StarCraft betting sites are very common, and even traditional online bookmakers are offering betting markets for the game. Mainstream popularity is definitely good for a 20-year-old game, and StarCraft tournaments are more popular than ever, but some problems are also starting to arise.

It is becoming harder to find a good bookie to place StarCraft bets since all you can find are sub-par ones that only cover a couple of important matches, just to add StarCraft II to their games list. Thankfully we can tell you what you need to look for in a good esports betting site to ensure you can get what you want.

Best Esports Betting Site For StarCraft II

The best esports betting site for StarCraft II will have special promotions and various ways to get free bets on big events in the global StarCraft II league. If you don’t see exclusive bonuses for StarCraft II matches, you should consider joining a different sports book that can give StarCraft II the attention it deserves.

Another thing to look for in a good betting site for StarCraft II is above-average odds. It will be very hard to make a profit if the bookie you choose is not giving you competitive odds.

Best Esports Betting Site For StarCraft II

If you are still uncertain about choosing a quality StarCraft II betting site, you can just pick any of the ones you will see below on our list of the best esports betting site for StarCraft II.

StarCraft II Odds Shopping

In most kinds of shopping, buyers usually look around and compare prices before settling on the item that offers them the best value for money. Exactly the same applies to gambling, but instead of buying items, you buy odds.

StarCraft II Odds Shopping

StarCraft II odds shopping means that you look at the odds offered by various bookmakers and take the best offer. This is possible because some sportsbooks try to offer better prices than their competitors, hoping to attract more bettors, or even because a bookie has miscalculated something.

There are various ways you could do odds shopping, but the most common is to use online platforms that automatically compare the odds amongst various esports betting sites. This can be great for finding the best odds, but if you don’t already have an account with the bookmaker that offers them, then there is no real point.

StarCraft II Odds Shopping

Here at Esports-Gamblers, we prefer to have an account with various quality bookmakers to increase our chances of finding the best odds. Some great options are Bet365, Pinnacle, and William Hill. StarCraft II odds can vary a lot between these bookies, and there are opportunities for very favorable bets.

StarCraft II Betting Tips & Tricks

StarCraft II esports can be unpredictable, and any inexperienced bettor is bound to lose some money. Making money from Blizzard Entertainment’s masterpiece requires a lot of time and research before you even place your first bet.

StarCraft II Odds Guide

If you want to take your first steps into StarCraft II betting, read our tips and tricks that will help you avoid the beginner mistakes that almost all new gamblers make.

Go odds shopping

You must have accounts on multiple StarCraft betting sites to be able to place bets with the most favorable odds.

By now, you probably understand how important it is to pick the best possible odds in the market. This will determine if you will make a profit or keep losing money, even if you win a bet or two. It might be annoying to manage many betting accounts, but it is essential to being a successful bettor.

Do your research

The key to placing smart bets is information. Getting as much information about the matches and the players as possible is crucial, but you must also know how to use the data to know whether the offered betting odds are worth a bet.

To know this, you have to research how StarCraft II works as a game, the state of the betting scene, and each player competing in an event. That is the only way to have a chance to make money from StarCraft II betting.

StarCraft II has been around for many years, and it looks like it is going to stay around for as long as esports is a thing. So if you are captivated by the intense gameplay, and you want to take your chances with StarCraft II betting, it is probably the best time to do so.

As long as you have a clear view of how StarCraft II odds work, you should be well on your way to make a profit from betting on this RTS esports title.

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