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Battle royale games were not a thing before PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds came out, but nowadays, many new games try to implement this game mode, including Apex Legends, Fortnite, and Call of Duty, which found great success because they joined the trend. 

Even with all these new games, PUBG remains a very popular esports title, and betting sites worldwide offer betting odds for all the major PUBG tournaments.

In our article, you can read all about the different kinds of PUBG esports odds, and once you are done, it’s time to find the gambling platform that suits you and start your PUBG betting journey.

PUBG Odds Formats

If it is your first time getting into betting, you might notice that there are multiple odds formats used by different bookmakers depending on the region they operate in. Luckily, you can change how the odds are represented.

PUBG Betting Odds

Pretty much any PUBG betting site will allow you to switch between American odds, fractional odds, and decimal odds. You might also see other options, like the Asia odds, but the first three are the most common and the ones that we will focus on.

Even though there are multiple odds calculators and convertors online, you must learn how to read at least one odds style, so you can quickly assess if a bet is worth it or not without losing any precious seconds.

American PUBG Odds

The American odds can be a bit complicated to read, and most bettors agree that it only makes sense to use them if you are already accustomed to this format. 

American PUBG Odds

American odds start either with a plus symbol or a minus, which changes the way you have to read the odds. The plus sign (+) indicates the underdog, and the minus (-) is the favorite, so you can instantly understand what PUBG team is more likely to win.

In the first case, let us say you see a betting market with odds of -200. The way you would read that is that you need to risk $200 to make a profit of $100. It seems quite simple, but if, for example, you bet $75, you need to do some complicated calculations to get an idea of how much you will get. In this specific case, 75/200*100, which gives you a profit of $37.5.

If the odds show +200, the meaning becomes different, with 200 being the amount you are going to get as a profit if you bet $100. This time if you bet 75$, you will make a profit of $150 since the profit is calculated with a formula: 75*200/100.

As you can see, the American odds can be a bit peculiar, but they’re not difficult to understand, and you can easily learn them and start placing PUBG bets.

Fractional PUBG Odds

The fractional odds are much simpler than the American odds, and they are used by millions of bettors, mostly in the United Kingdom and Ireland. If you have ever bet on horse racing, then you will already have encountered this odd format since it’s very popular among horse racing bettors.

Fractional PUBG Odds

Fractional odds are a fraction X/Y, which shows a profit/wager ratio. The numerator is the profit you will make if you bet the denominator amount. The numbers on fractional odds are always small and easy to understand, making it an excellent odds format for beginners.

So, for example, if you see odds of 2/1, you immediately understand that for every dollar you bet, you will get two as a profit. The calculations, in this case, are extremely easy since all you have to do is double your bet amount, and you get your profit. In general, the formula calculating profit with fractional odds is numerator*bet amount/denominator.

Decimal PUBG Odds

The last odds format we will explore is the decimal, which is mostly used in Europe and is considered to be the easiest odds format to use, both for experienced bettors and newcomers. Understanding decimal odds is crucial if you want to invest a lot of your time and money in PUBG betting.

Decimal PUBG Odds

The decimal odds format is expressed as a number higher than one, with two decimal places. The bigger this number is, the more improbable the outcome but, the more money you can potentially make. If you multiply the odds by your betting amount, you get the total payout.

Note that to calculate the profit, you need to subtract your betting amount from the total profit. The decimal odds are very easy to use, and a bit part of bettors prefer it for PUBG esports betting.

Which Is The Best Esports Betting Site For PUBG

You can find a wide range of PUBG betting sites, each claiming how they offer the best-betting markets for PUBG esports tournaments or the best betting odds, etc. Unfortunately, many sub-par bookmakers are trying to pass off as good options for PUBG betting, and it can get challenging to separate the weed from the chaff. There are some basic things you can look for in solid sportsbooks.

Best Esports Betting Site For PUBG

The first thing is excellent coverage of major PUBG tournaments. If you find a betting site that barely covers the PUBG Global Championship, then you can be certain that for smaller events, you will not get what you are looking for. 

A battle royale game might not have as many tournaments as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for example, but there are things to bet on all year around.

Another thing to look for in solid PUBG betting sites is above-average betting odds. If you want to make a profit betting on your favorite PUBG teams, it is necessary that your PUBG bookmaker offers competitive odds compared to other famous sportsbooks.

If you want to be 100% sure that you have joined a solid PUBG betting site, you can pick any sportsbook from our list with the best esports betting sites for PUBG.

How To Find The Best PUBG Betting Odds?

The most important part of betting is finding the best possible odds to increase your profit potential. Any bettor that wants to have a shot at making money from gambling will have to spend most of his time finding the best odds.

PUBG Betting Odds

Multiple online platforms will provide the odds of multiple bookmakers, so you can pick the best ones, but you must have a betting account on different gambling platforms activated and ready to go. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the coincidence that the one bookmaker you have joined offers the best odds.

The Best PUBG Tournaments To Bet On

PUBG started as a battle royale game that people played casually, but nowadays, it has evolved into one of the most intense and unique esports titles. There are dozens of S-Tier tournaments worldwide, and PUBG bettors will always have something to bet on.

The best tournament to bet on is definitely the PUBG Global Championship. This competition takes place every year, and it is the culmination of an entire competitive season. The best PUBG esports teams from all over the world compete for the enormous prize of two million dollars and the chance to be crowned the kings of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

The Best PUBG Tournaments To Bet On

The PUBG Continental Series is a tournament organized by the PUBG Corporation, and it takes place in various regions around the world to find out which is the strongest team. The tournament format is always exciting and offers many opportunities to place bets and make money with each event. It is something that no PUBG bettor should miss.

PUBG Betting Tips & Tricks

To manage to make money from esports betting, you need to follow a very strict plan and be ready to handle a lot of pressure since this is the nature of gambling your money.

PUBG Betting Tips & Tricks

We at Esports-Gamblers can give you the basic tips on how to increase your odds of making money with PUBG betting, but it is up to you to grow your knowledge of the betting field and develop a technique that allows you to consistently have great returns.

Keep calm

There is no strategy that you can follow and never lose a bet. That is not how making money from betting works. 

You will lose bets, no matter how good you are at betting and how much research you do on the game. What is important is that you keep calm, trust your betting strategy and understand that these losses are all part of the process. If your math is correct, you will still win more than you lose.

Join multiple bookmakers

One of the best and easiest tricks for increasing your chances of making money is joining multiple bookmakers. Of course, it is not as solid as having a good plan and finding the best PUBG betting market, but just the fact that you can get the best possible odds will increase your chance of succeeding.

This is the first solid step for every ambitious gambler, no matter which sports you are interested in.

PUBG betting sites are becoming more popular, and if you want to get the most out of your money, you need to learn how to read the odds and use them to your advantage. Now that you have read our article, placing PUBG bets should be easier, and you have automatically increased your chances of making a profit. Just follow our tips, and you will be safe.

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