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If you have never heard about Fortnite, then chances are you don’t have internet since it is one of the biggest video games ever created. Although nobody expected it to become so significant, it impacted the video game industry like no other game had before.

Admittedly, the competitive scene of Fortnite took some time to blossom, but it is quickly becoming one of the most-watched esports titles.

Many Fortnite betting sites are starting to offer betting odds for the game, and any potential bettor needs to know how esports betting works. Read our article to get the complete Fortnite odds guide and start betting like a professional.

Fortnite Odds Formats

Finding a sportsbook that covers Fortnite matches is the first step to betting on this famous battle royale title. Next, you need to know how to read the odds that the bookie gives you, which might be a bit more complicated since there are various Fortnite betting odds formats, and it is essential to know how to understand them.

Fortnite Odds Guide

We will explain to you the three most popular odds formats in the world, namely American, fractional, and decimal. But in reality, you only need to become familiar with one since the best Fortnite betting sites give you the option to switch between the odds formats.

American Fortnite Odds

American odds come in two types, and they are both centered around the $100 wager. Specifically, these odds start with a plus (+) symbol or a minus (-) followed by a number. The negative odds refer to the favorite of the match, and the positive to the underdog.

American Fortnite Odds

If the odds start with a minus, then the number signifies the amount you will have to bet, to make a profit of $100. So, If you bet with odds of -200, then you have to wager $200 to make a $100 profit.

On the other hand, if the odds start with a plus, the number following the symbol signifies the profit you are going to make for every $100 wagered. So, for example, if you bet $100 with odds of +200, you are going to get a profit of $200.

American odds can be useful to get a quick image of how much money you will get if you make big bets, but the fact that you need to memorize two different odd scenarios makes it one of the most complicated ones to use.

Fractional Fortnite Odds

Fractional odds are mostly used in the United Kingdom and Irland. They are pretty easy to understand since it only takes a couple of simple calculations to determine the exact amount you can potentially win.

Fractional Fortnite Odds

As the name suggests, fractional odds are represented as a fraction, where the nominator is the amount you are going to earn as a profit for every denominator bet.

This means that the profit of X/Y odds is calculated as (bet amount)*X/Y. The larger the fraction, the more money you can potentially earn. To make it more clear, we will see a quick example.

If you bet $200 on a bet with odds of 6/4, your potential profit is $300. Fractional odds of 3/2 mean that for every $2 you bet, you will make a profit of $3. The total payout will be $5, and the implied probability of the bet is 40%.

As you can see, fractional odds are much simpler to calculate than the American ones, especially if you bet nice, round amounts like $10, $20, etc.

Decimal Fortnite Odds

Decimal odds or commonly known as European odds, are the simplest ones to calculate since you only need to multiply once to see your payout. However, the calculations can get pretty complicated if you have particular odds.

Decimal Fortnite Odds

The decimal odds are represented as a number with two decimal places, ex. 1.50. To calculate your payout is, you just have to multiply the odds by the amount you bet.

If you place a bet of $100 with odds of 1.75, your total payout is going to be $175, meaning you made a profit of $75.

A quick way to calculate only your profit is if you subtract one from your odds and then make the multiplication. In our specific example, 0.75×100 gives you the exact profit you are going to have.

How Do Moneyline Odds Work In Fortnite?

Moneyline is the simplest type of odds you will encounter on any bookmaker. Moneyline, simply put, is the odds of each team winning the match. In the case of Fortnite, it’s the odds of a player being the last man standing.

Fortnite World Cup finals

For example, let us assume that the Fortnite World Cup finals are about to begin, and the bookmaker you chose gives you moneyline odds of 1.30 for Bugha. This means that if he finishes first in the match, you will get back the amount you bet on this odds, times 1.30. If your original bet was $1000, you would make an easy profit of $300.

Learning how to read moneyline odds and how to bet using them is the first step for any esports bettor, regardless of which game you prefer to bet on.

How Do Spreads Work In Fortnite

Spread betting is very common in most traditional esports, but it is not commonly offered by Fortnite betting sites. The way spreads work in Fortnite is that you have to make a prediction on the difference in points between the favorite and an underdog.

Spread betting

For example, if Bugha is considered the most likely to win an event, and the bookmaker gives you a -7 spread, this means that if Bugha wins with less than 7 points or straight up loses, you win the bet.

Spread betting is one of the most popular ways to approach betting and is not reserved for only the most experienced bettors. It is similar to moneyline betting while giving you a bit more flexibility when making your picks.

Which Is The Best Esports Betting Site For Fortnite

Due to the popularity of Fortnite, you can find hundreds of betting sites that offer betting odds for important events like the Fortnite World Championship and the Fortnite championship series. Unfortunately, from all these options, only a handful can give you an excellent betting experience, and you must be able to know how to find the best esports betting sites for Fortnite betting.

Best Esports Betting Site For Fortnite

One of the first things to check on any bookie is what kind of Fortnite betting odds it offers. The goal of every sportsbook is to give odds that are slightly in its favor, but many try to “trick” users by offering below-average odds.

It is important to compare the odds between various betting platforms to ensure you are getting the better end of the deal.

Best Esports Betting Site For Fortnite

Another thing to look for in any quality esports betting site is solid customer support that can help you with any issue that might come up. It is a very stressful experience when you are trying to get some support, but nobody is answering, so it is important you find a bookmaker that has client services that are responsive and available 24/7.

If you don’t feel confident that you can differentiate between a quality bookie and a sub-par one, you can pick the one you like the most from the list we created for our readers.

The best esports betting sites for Fortnite are the following.

Fortnite Betting Tips & Tricks

It is very common for new gamblers that start placing Fortnite bets to have the idea that they can place one or two quick bets and make some extra bucks. Unfortunately, the reality is much harsher, with most Fortnite bettors being at a loss.

You don’t need to be dishearted, though, because this doesn’t mean that making money for Fortnite betting is impossible.

If you want to start Fortnite betting but don’t want to make the “rookie” mistakes that everyone does at the beginning, you can follow our basic tips and tricks that any Fortnite bettor should know.

Join multiple betting sites

It might sound weird and complicated to join more than one bookmaker, especially if you have found one that gives you some of the best Fortnite betting odds, but you must have the option to choose between different odds.

Ideally, you should research and join bookies that tend to give very different odds, so you can take the odds that favor you most at any time. So take your time before you choose your bookies, and choose well; it will help you greatly in the future.

Have a strict budget

One of the main reasons why gamblers lose money is that they get greedy or stubborn after a loss, and they try to place more bets in the hopes that they will make back the money they lost plus some profit. Unfortunately, chasing losses is a very bad strategy since most people are not thinking clearly, and it can lead to even more significant losses. It is better to lose some money in the short term to make it back later.

Fortnite esports is becoming a huge industry, and millions of fans are looking to bet on their favorite game to make some money. Now that you read this article, you should be able to understand the different Fortnite odds you will find on esports bookmakers, and you can start your betting journey the right way by following our simple tips for Fortnite betting.

Join the best Fortnite betting sites and try your luck in this exciting industry.

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