How To Win Betting On Valorant

Betting real money on Valorant is a great way to enjoy its esports scene but also an excellent way to make some extra pocket money.

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Valorant is one of the youngest tactical first-person shooter (FPS) games that entered the esports scene, but it didn’t take long to become a huge hit in the online competitive video game world. And just as quickly as Valorant caught the attention of the fans, it also found its place in the online betting world.

Nowadays, you can bet on Valorant on any esports betting site and even on a plethora of traditional bookmakers, making it one of the most accessible esports betting titles. However, while anyone can bet on Valorant, you must know a thing or two about how to approach it to make a profit, and this guide will teach you all about it.

What is Valorant

Valorant is a first-person shooter esports title released by Riot Games in June 2020 as a game set to rival Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Although Valorant has yet to dethrone Valve’s masterpiece, it has established itself as one of the world’s most popular online games and a huge esports title, with a well-developed competitive scene.

How To Win Betting On Valorant

Valorant games are played between two teams of five players, with the teams taking on the role of attackers or defenders. The attackers’ goal is to eliminate all opponents or plant a spike (bomb) on one of the map sites within the given time and defend it until the timer runs out.

On the other side, the defenders must either eliminate all attackers, prevent the bomb plant, or successfully defuse the spike once it’s planted. The dynamic of the game goal is very similar to CS:GO or Call of Duty’s Search&Destroy, with a simple goal, which produces exciting and nail-biting moments.

How To Win Betting On Valorant

The game’s simplicity has played a role in Valorant’s rise to fame, but, in part, it was also the introduction of unique agent types that made Valorant stand out. Unlike most other tactical FPS titles, Valorant’s playable characters (agents) have unique abilities, which range from damaging skills, healing abilities, and even utility, such as walls, smokes, and flashes.

Valorant didn’t try to reinvent the wheel in the FPS genre, but it introduced something new and fresh, which explains why it has become one of the most-played FPS games with a booming esports scene.

Where Can I Bet On Valorant?

Before you can place your first Valorant bet, you need to register with one of many Valorant betting sites – or preferably with multiple Valorant esports betting websites. That’s a fairly obvious step anyone who wishes to place Valorant bets needs to take, yet it takes some time to look through all available esports betting sites and find the right one.


Besides setting up an account with a good Valorant betting site, you also need to verify your account and make a deposit using any of the available deposit methods, preferably one that suits you. Beyond that, Valorant betting is fairly straightforward and is approached the same way as betting on any other esports game. Yet, in contrast to some other esports games, Valorant is in a much better spot.

That is mainly because of Valorant’s popularity among the fans and bettors. This led to a situation where any bookmaker that covers esports games also offers Valorant odds and markets, covering most of the biggest Valorant esports events, namely Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) competitions, and lesser Valorant tournaments. The accessibility of Valorant betting options alone is a good reason to start betting on Riot Games’ masterpiece.

Valorant Betting Strategies

Starting your Valorant betting journey is pretty straightforward, and anyone can do it. But there’s more to succeeding at Valorant esports betting than just registering for an account with one of the Valorant esports betting sites and placing your bets. So here, we will provide you with our tips, tricks, and strategies you can apply for real money betting on Valorant.

Find The Best Valorant Betting Sites

Any successful betting journey starts with opening an account with a solid betting site, and Valorant betting is no exception to that rule. It is critically important that you use only the best available bookmakers, which are legal and licensed, and offer enough betting markets and competitive odds. logo

Moreover, it is highly beneficial if you register with multiple top betting sites, as this will allow you to price shop and bet with the best Valorant betting odds. Moreover, having accounts with multiple bookmakers will offer you more betting options, allowing you to bet on more Valorant teams and tournaments.

Play The Game

If you want to succeed on your Valorant betting journey, you naturally need to recognize solid bets and make educated guesses. And that is only possible if you are very knowledgeable about the game and how Valorant is played.

Valorant betting

The best and easiest way to learn all that is by playing Valorant, at least enough to better understand the game, the agents, and the maps. Besides that, it’s helpful if you follow the Valorant esports scene by watching competitive Valorant matches, helping you get more familiar with the players and Valorant teams.

Consider In-Play Betting

Live betting is not for everyone, and it requires a very good knowledge of Valorant and its competitive scene to make it work. But it’s also an alternative way to approach Valorant betting, which is both highly exciting and potentially lucrative.

Valorant in-play betting

If you know what you’re doing, live betting can be highly profitable, mainly because the in-play Valorant betting odds tend to be very volatile, and most bookmakers have a difficult time adjusting its Valorant odds in-play. So if you have a strong understanding of the game and can accurately identify the game’s state, then in-play betting can offer plenty of excellent Valorant betting opportunities.


Unlike most other esports games, Valorant doesn’t have as extensive competitive history, which would allow you to look into the historical performance of Valorant teams and players. Technically, you can take into account some players’ stats from the time they were competing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and while some skills are transferable between the two games, you can’t take those stats as a reliable source.

Valorant betting

Still, there are ways to do the needed research and recognize which are the best Valorant teams and which squads will do well. You can do that by looking into the teams’ past results, how long the roster has been playing together, their map win rate, and even head-to-head records.

So while far less data is available on Valorant compared to other esports titles, which have been around for much longer, that doesn’t mean that doing proper research before placing your Valorant bets isn’t possible.

How To Find a Good Bookmaker For Valorant?

Finding a good bookmaker before you start your Valorant betting journey is the first and most important step you’ll take. There are betting sites that offer Valorant odds and markets, so finding one where you’ll be able to bet on Riot Game’s game won’t be hard. However, you need to know how to recognize a solid Valorant betting site.

solid Valorant betting site

A good bookmaker will always be legit, safe, and licensed with a valid gambling license, preferably from a reputable licensing body, such as the UKGC or the Malta Gambling Authority. It goes without saying that using a safe bookmaker is critically important, as only this way can you ensure the safety of your money and personal information.

Moreover, you should consider registering with multiple betting sites. By that, you will be able to price shop and look for the best available esports odds, ensuring that you’ll always bet with the best prices. And besides that, having access to more than one esports bookmaker will give you access to more betting markets, allowing you to bet on various tournaments.

The availability of betting bonuses and promotions is always positive, so you should look for bookmakers with bonus offers, such as occasional free bets, odds boosts, and a welcome bonus. However, you should not value free bets and other promotions over the Valorant odds quality.

Why Should You Bet On Valorant

Betting on Valorant might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there aren’t many reasons why you shouldn’t at least try it. Even if you have no experience betting on esports, Valorant might be the perfect place to start.

It Is Simple

Valorant, like most products of Riot Games, is a very simple game that doesn’t take long to learn. If you have a basic understanding of CS: GO, then learning Valorant basics will be a piece of cake, but the same can be said for people with zero experience with video games.

Besides that, Valorant bets are very straightforward and don’t differ much from the bets you’ll find wagering on other games in the FPS genre, including prop bets. All in all, Valorant is an excellent beginner-friendly esports title to start betting on.

It’s Very Exciting

Riot Games created Valorant with the idea of introducing a new style FPS game with action-packed games, high-pace gameplay, and breathtaking moments. And for the most part, Valorant has achieved just that, largely thanks to the unique agents, a plethora of abilities to disrupt the flow of the game, and well-designed maps that keep the action going.

With all that features, Valorant has become an excellent viewer esports title, but also a very exciting game to bet on, especially if you plan to bet on Valorant in-play.

It’s Accessible

The biggest advantage of Valorant betting compared to other esports games is that you can do it on essentially all esports betting sites and a plethora of traditional bookmakers. Valorant might not be as popular as League of Legends, but it’s just as well covered by bookmakers.

So no matter which sportsbook you join, there’s a good chance it will offer Valorant odds and betting markets on Valorant tournaments. But you still need to make sure that you use only the best esports betting sites.


Valorant is an excellent esport to bet on and arguably one of the best games to start with for those who have never bet on esports before. It is a fairly young game, but with an auspicious future, and with Riot Games behind it, you can rest assured that Valorant is here to stay.

If you aren’t sure where to start, reading our guide will get you on the right track to start betting on Valorant, but you can also check our other betting guides.


Can I bet on Valorant matches?

You can bet on Valorant matches on any betting site that offers Valorant betting odds and markets. Luckily, hundreds of bookmakers do, ensuring that you won’t struggle to find a platform to place your Valorant bets. Some of the most popular betting sites for Valorant include Midnite, Bet365, GG.Bet, and Rivalry.

Can you gamble Valorant skins?

You can’t gamble Valorant skins. Even though Valorant has in-game skins for weapons like CS:GO, Valorant skins are untradeable and thus can’t be used on skin-betting sites to place bets on Valorant and other esports games. You can still bet on Valorant with skins, albeit only if you use Dota 2, CS:GO, or Rocket League in-game items to make deposits on skin gambling sites.

Where can I gamble on Valorant?

You can gamble on valorant on all esports betting sites and even many traditional sportsbooks. As one of the world’s most popular esports games, Valorant odds are generally available on all betting sites, making it one of the most accessible esports titles to bet on.

Is Valorant popular?

Yes, Valorant is very popular among gamers and online bettors. Thanks to Riot Games’ solid work promoting its FPS game, Valorant didn’t need long after its release in 2020 to become one of the biggest esports titles in the world. And according to its continuous growth, it’s fair to say that Valorant is here to stay.

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