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Dota 2 is one of the world’s most popular esports titles and a massive hit among the esports betting community. However, while it’s extremely popular, Dota 2 and betting on it can be a bit complex, especially for those who have never tried it.

Luckily, we’re here to teach you everything you need to know about how to bet on Dota 2, including where to find the best Dota 2 betting sites, how to approach betting, and our tips and tricks that will help you come out ahead.

Here is our take on everything you need to know about betting on Dota 2.

What Is Dota 2 – Gameplay Basics

Dota 2 is a highly competitive multiplayer online battle arena (or MOBA) game developed and published by Valve Corporation on July 9, 2013. It is also one of the most popular esports games in the world, boasting millions of active players.

Dota 2 Gameplay

Matches in Dota 2 consist of two teams of five players that compete against each other to complete their objectives. Each player controls one of the hundred-plus in-game characters called heroes, each with unique skills and abilities.

The main objective of the game is to destroy the enemy team’s “Ancient,” a large structure in the enemy team’s base. Another primary goal of each team is to protect their “ancient” from their opponent as they attempt to destroy it. It is also where the name “Defense of the Ancients” or DotA comes from.

All this is only a basic explanation of how Dota 2 works and how it’s played. But the game itself is very complex, and there are tons of different strategies and tactics awaiting you to explore when you start to play the game.

Dota 2 Hero Types

Heroes in Dota 2 are playable characters that players get to pick before the match starts. Once chosen, a hero can not be selected by other players regardless of which team they are in.

Dota 2 Hero Select

All heroes have a unique design, set of abilities, and weaknesses. These heroes are divided according to their characteristics into several roles.

  • Carry: Carries have high damage-dealing abilities and can carry their team towards winning the match. However, in the early stages of a game, they are not as strong and can be killed easily.

  • Nuker: Nukers are heroes with abilities that can inflict high amounts of burst damage, just like a nuclear bomb or nuke. Their main job is to kill off enemy heroes as soon as a team fight initiates, giving them no time to react.

  • Initiator: Initiators have strong area of effect (AOE) abilities and are great at affecting enemy positions. Their main job is to lure in enemies and initiate a team fight.

  • Disabler: Disablers are best suited for crowd control and disabling enemy spells. They have a guaranteed disable for at least one of the enemy spells and can hold down enemies to allow teammates to react.

  • Durable: Durable heroes have abilities that help them either avoid damage, mitigate it, or weaken enemies’ damage-inflicting abilities. Durable heroes have high HP, fast HP regen, and high resistance to magic.

  • Escape: As the name suggests, escape heroes are best at escaping back to safety when a situation gets out of hand. Escape heroes use abilities like increased movement speeds, invisibility, or teleportation.

  • Pusher: Pushers allow their team to gain map control and push deep into the map with their ability to inflict massive damage to towers. Pushers can also fortify creep waves which force enemies to retreat.

  • Jungler: Junglers are most effective at farming neutral creeps. Since these creeps are off-lane inside the jungle, Junglers can farm without interfering with their teammates, which allows their teammates to solo farm creeps in their lanes.

  • Support: As the name suggests, supports are there to support the carries. While supports do not have high damage-dealing abilities, they have strong support abilities like healing teammates.

How Do You Bet On Dota 2?

Betting on Dota 2 is much like betting on League of Legends or any other esports title or sports. You find an outcome that is likely to happen and put some money on it. For that, you need a bookmaker that will offer you Dota 2 betting markets and accept your bets.

Dota 2 Leagues

In Dota 2 esports matches, there are several possible outcomes and several different ways you can bet on those games. For example, you can bet on which team will win the match, which team will destroy the first tower, or you can also bet on what the final score will be.

The most common place to bet on Dota 2 is esports betting sites or online sportsbooks. Since Dota 2 is one of the world’s most popular esports titles, you can rest assured that most sportsbooks will offer betting services for it.

In short, to bet on Dota 2, you can visit esports betting sites or online sportsbooks, choose a Dota 2 event covered by the site, and then place a bet on an outcome that you think is likely to happen.

The Best Dota 2 Betting Sites

There are a lot of great Dota 2 betting sites; however, there are many bad ones too. Fortunately, several standards can help you find the top betting sites and filter out the bad ones.

Dota 2 betting sites

The first thing you should look at in an esports betting site is its legitimacy. Legitimate betting sites will have licenses or certifications from the top regulatory bodies for online gambling.

For example, Unibet is certified by the eCOGRA, and Betway is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission. As a result, Unibet and Betway are legitimate and some of the top online sportsbooks for esports betting.

After making sure that an esports betting site is legitimate, figure out how secure and trustworthy it is. You can do this by checking out the reviews at reputable review sites. Being operational for several years also suggests that a site is trustworthy.

All the best bookmakers will offer a wide coverage of esports games and esports events, more than three betting markets for popular events, a snappy and well-designed website, great odds, and effective and responsive customer support.

A great welcome bonus, lots of deposit options, and several esports-related bonuses or promotions are other features that the best bookie will usually have. However, those are not as important as the odds quality and the availability of betting markets.

How Can You Bet On Dota 2?

The two most common types of Dota 2 betting include betting using real money and skin betting. You can deposit real money at online sportsbooks using options like PayPal, bank transfer, or some other method, and then use those deposits to place bets on Dota 2 esports tournaments.

Dota 2 Hero

However, several sportsbooks also allow you to make deposits using your Dota 2 skins or skins from any other Steam game like CS:GO. You can then use these skins for Dota 2 betting or convert them into money and/or currency and use that.

Dota 2 Betting Bonuses

Most sportsbooks provide Dota 2 betting bonuses. It can be a welcome bonus, a promo or bonus code, or regular bonuses that keep updating.

Rabona E-Sport Stakeback Bonus

To get a Dota 2 betting bonus, you need to register to the online sportsbook and fulfill all the requirements like the minimum deposit. If it is a welcome bonus, it will only apply to your first deposit. You may also have to enter a bonus code to claim the rewards.

Bonuses can offer some extra wagering cash or free bets. This way, you get to enjoy more betting features or place one or two more bets than you could have without the bonus. When users can extract a bit more value for what they paid for, the overall experience becomes much better. Not only that, but free bets help users try out the platform for longer and get a better feel before committing to using it.

Dota 2 Betting Odds

Esports odds are a way of expressing the likelihood of an event occurring. Odds also determine how much money you will win – the more likely that an event can occur, the lower the reward you get if you bet on it and it happens.

Dota 2 Live Betting

There are three main odd formats, namely, Fractional odds, Decimal odds, and American odds. The standard odds format depends on location; American odds are commonly used on US bookies, fractional on UK bookies, and decimal odds in Europe, Canada, and Australia.

Fractional odds show the ratio of the amount (profit) won to the stake. They consist of fractions like 3/2, pronounced three to two. For an outcome with odds of 3/2, you can expect to earn three dollars for every two dollars you bet.

For an outcome with odds 2/1, you get two dollars for every one dollar or four dollars for every two dollars. Since you get more with 2/1 than 3/2, 2/1 represents a lower likelihood of the outcome occurring.

You can convert fractional odds into decimal odds using math. For example, the odds 2/1 convert to 2.0 in decimal format, and the odds 3/2 convert into 1.5.

Decimal odds are written as a decimal which is the amount a winning bet would collect on a single bet. For example, if you bet $50 on an outcome of 1.5 odds (1.5 * $5’), you get $75 if you win.

In American odds, a negative sign (-) is used for an outcome likely to occur. The odds with a negative sign represent the amount you need to bet to win $100.

On the other hand, a positive sign is used for the outcome less likely to occur. The number with the positive sign represents the amount you will win if you bet $100.

For example, let’s say that there is a Dota 2 match between Evil Geniuses and PSG.LGD. If the odds for Evil Geniuses winning are -150, then you will need to bet $150 to win $100.

On the other hand, if the odds for PSG.LGD winning are +300; so you will get $300 if you bet $100 and PSG.LGD wins. In this example, PSG.LGD are considered the underdogs, and Evil Geniuses are the favorites.

You might be wondering how bookmakers come up with these odds. Bookmakers look at in-depth statistics about a Dota 2 match, including many factors, and compile the odds based on their knowledge about which outcome is likely to happen. The final number also considers the number of people choosing a particular bet type.

Each online bookmaker uses different tools to compile its odds, resulting in a situation where bookmakers will offer different odds on the same game. This also explains why it is important to shop around and find the best available odds for the match you want to bet on – and the only way to do it is by having accounts with multiple bookies

Dota 2 Bet Types

In Dota 2, there are several possible outcomes. For example, one possibility is that Team A will win the match. Another possibility is that Team B will get the first kill. All similar outcomes make up betting markets or bet types.

Dota 2 Betting Types

Here are some of the most popular betting markets or bet types for Dota 2 events.


Moneyline is one of the most common types you’ll find when exploring esports markets. With Moneyline bet type, there are usually two potential outcomes, Team A wins the match, or Team B wins. So, by betting using moneyline, you’re simply predicting which team will win the next match.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting consists of bets where outcomes have a virtual advantage or disadvantage so that things are a bit even. For example, if Team B is less likely to score 15 kills, that outcome might get a handicap of +2 in the handicap betting market. So Team B will only need 13 kills for the handicap bet top hit.


Outright betting consists of bets made on the outcome of an entire competition. For example, Evil Geniuses placing first in ONE Esports Singapore Major 2021 is an outright bet on Evil Geniuses winning the whole tournament.

Proposition Betting

Propositions (or props) are bets made on an in-game event that has no direct impact on the outcome of a Dota 2 match. For example, the first team to destroy towers, the first team to get five kills, or who will get the first blood. All of these do not directly affect who wins the match but are rather side-bets on specific in-game events.

Dota 2 Live Betting

If you are new to Dota 2 betting or esports betting in general, you’d be surprised to know that you can also bet on Dota 2 live as the match takes place by live betting. It is one of the most popular betting options at most Dota 2 betting sites, adding a new layer of excitement to your Dota 2 betting journey

Dota 2 Live Betting

If you want to take part in live esports betting, you will first need to find an esports betting site that offers live betting. Fortunately for you, many bookmakers have it.

Go to the esports section of the online sportsbook and look for live Dota 2 matches or ones that will start in a couple of minutes. After a match starts, choose a bet type and place your bet.

With live betting, you also have to take live odds into account. These odds can change as the situation of the match changes and can be very volatile – depending on what’s happening in the game.

The great thing about Dota 2 live betting is that most online bookmakers offer a live streaming feature. With it, you can watch the live stream of an event and adjust your betting strategy accordingly.

Best Dota 2 Events To Bet On

If you are looking for the most excitement while betting on Dota 2, you need to look for the major tournaments. It is these tournaments where you will find most of the action, and if you want even more excitement, you can wait for the grand finals of these competitions.

Dota 2 The International

The biggest event for Dota 2 esports is “The International,” or “TI” for short, which hosts some of the world’s top Dota 2 teams and is known for the largest prize pools in the esports scene. Other popular events to look out for include Majors and the Dota Pro Circuit or DPC.

Dota 2 Betting Strategies

Betting on Dota 2 is not difficult since anyone can pick a betting market and place a bet. What’s difficult is actually winning the bet. However, you can get closer to winning more bets by following some simple strategies.

Here are some of our best tips that you can use to get better results while betting on Dota 2.

Keep it Simple. Probably the best strategy for beginners at Dota betting is to stick to simple bet types like Moneyline. Other bets like proposition bets can be complicated for beginners, and they are also harder to predict correctly. So after you get better at Moneyline bets and feel confident in your betting ability, you can move on to other, more complex bets.

Follow the teams and players on social media. Another great Dota betting strategy is getting to know the players. Figure out the relations of the players with their teammates and what trends their performances are following.

Use bookmakers with the most competitive odds. Winning the bet is nice, but you want to get the most out of a bet if you win. So, you should use bookmakers with the best esports odds, guaranteeing you to earn the most profit if you win your bet.

Try in-play betting. In-play or live betting is a great way to explore a different way of betting on Dota 2. Not only is it much more exciting than pre-match betting, but it can also be highly lucrative. So try live betting to see if that is where your true calling lies.

Play the game yourself. If you want to get better at Dota betting, one of the best things you can do is learn the game yourself. When you know the strengths and weaknesses of most of the heroes and how a hero can turn the tides of a match, you will be able to predict outcomes accurately.

Dota 2 Betting FAQ

Can you bet on Dota 2?

Yes, you can bet on Dota 2, and there are tons of sites where you can do it. To do that, all you have to do is find a reputable bookmaker that offers betting markets for Dota 2 events, make some deposits, and start betting on Dota 2 events.

How do you bet items in Dota 2?

To bet items in Dota 2, you need to find an online bookmaker that accepts in-game items and skins as deposits. Some of the most popular betting sites where you can use Dota 2 skins for betting include CSGOEmpire and CSGO500.

How do I bet on esports?

To bet on esports, go to the esports section for a betting site, select a particular game you want to bet on, and start betting on events for the video game.

Is Dota 2 betting Safe?

Dota 2 betting is completely safe as long as you are using legitimate platforms. Unfortunately, several platforms are unsafe and may scam you, so it is best if you stick with known brands to stay away from non-legitimate sites.

What are the best Dota 2 betting sites?

Choosing which site you want to bet on is a decision you need to make yourself because it depends on personal preference. However, there are certain features that all of the best bookmakers have. First, a betting site must be legitimate and have industry-leading security measures.

Also, the best sites will have competitive odds and a lot of betting markets to choose from. Good bonuses and promotional offers are also a big plus. If you are looking for recommendations, both Rabona and Betway offer solid Dota 2 betting options.

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