What is Esports Betting?

What are esports bets, how do they differentiate from conventional sports bets and what should you pay attention to? These topics and much more are discussed in the next two articles.


What is Esports and what is Esports Betting?

Esports is derived from the letter “e” for electronic and “sports”. Esports is used to describe competitive competition in a video game. This can be found in many video games, but only a handful of video games have managed to be successful internationally in esports. Examples of this would be titles like: Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Dota2 and FIFA. Esports Bets describe the process of betting on an Esports match.

Esports bets are basically structured in a similar way to normal sports bets. As in normal sports bets there are also different categories. For example, instead of betting on a soccer game, you can also bet on a FIFA match. These matches can also take place while corona regulations are changing, which is only one of the advantages of esports betting. If you bet on titles like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, you can even see last games of your favorite team and compare players to players. We recommend the website HLTV. This is the most detailed and reputable website when it comes to CS: GO matches.


How can you place Esports Bets?

Esports bets can be placed in three different ways. The first is the free version, in which you cannot win or lose any money yourself. These are so-called tip games (“Pick‘Em Challenge”). With such tip games you usually have to register (in the case of CS: GO you have to buy a Pick’Em Pass), then you can start immediately. Choose your winners, decide which team will come in the next round and which will be kicked out. You can even earn prizes or rewards on some websites!

The second variant to place esports bets would be with the help of your skins. This variant is currently only possible with CS: GO Skins. You have to deposit your skin on sites such as CSGOEmpire, then you get coins. These coins can then be used to place bets on CS: GO matches or you can exchange them for skins.

The third variant is to bet on esports matches with real money. This variant comes closest to the traditional bets on e.g. sites like tipico etc. On our partner websites you can also pay in real money risk-free and get a bonus.


Dangerous and unsupervised second variant of esports betting

The variant with the CS: GO skins is certainly the most dangerous in this list, as you cannot supervise the process of paying in and out. This makes it easier for underage CS: GO players to get involved in betting and to gamble on such sites without prior knowledge and responsibility. We advise against it, because betting on esports and gambling on the Internet is only permitted from the age of 18.


More information about gambling addiction can be found on our website.


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