What is Esports-Betting?

What is an  esport bet, what is the difference between tradtional sport bets and an esport bet and what should be considered? These topics were discussed in the last article and will now be continued.


Which different Esport Betting site exist?

In contrast to the typical sport bets there is an immense amount of esport betting sites. Esports-Gamblers is specialized to show you the safest and best esports betting sites. The biggest Bet provider in Germany is GG.Bet with eleven esport titles which reach from Counter Strike to Starcraft.


The Esport betting site history

The esport betting sites exist for a very long time. Longer than you might think. Already in 2014 the YouTuber Pala published a video series called “EZ SKINS EZ LIFE” and bet on a website called csgolounge.com.

The concept of former CS:GO betting site was ingenious. One bet with the help of Skins on an esports Match. In case of a win you got the prize in CS:GO skins. Due to this you got new skins and could build up a high variety. The demand for CS:GO trading  was very high because of this you could trade on a knife with a skin.

The esport sector changed from time to time especially in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Due to the sector change more and more bet- and gambling sites arose and you could bet on commonly gambling sites on esports matches. Sadly, because of the gambling scandal in CS:GO, a few years later the majority of esport betting sites were closed. Also because of matchfixing scandales which were not only in the international but also in the German area the esports community lost trust in betting sites.


Where can i find secure Esports betting sites for Esports Betting?

Esports-Gamblers provides a reliable platform where you can only find licensed and certified betting sites. With our affiliate links you can receive exclusive bonusses and eventually get a higher chance to double your next bet!

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