Rocket League betting

This article is about the hit game Rocket League and the game’s fascinating esports scene. This game is a mixture of soccer and driving a car, kind of like the well-known “TV Total Autoball”, only electronically.


What is Rocket League and how is it played?

As already mentioned, Rocket League is a combination of driving a car and playing football. You control cars that look like a RC car to put a ball into the opponent’s goal. It’s as much fun as it sounds. You can play in the following modes: 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2 and 3 vs. 3. Mostly the duo game mode is played because this makes communication and the game much easier. Each game lasts up to 5 minutes and the team or player who scored more goals at the end wins the game.


Tournaments and leagues in Rocket League

Rocket League has many smaller tournaments and leagues hosted by third parties. On most of these games you cannot bet on as the demand for such games is really low. That means you bet rather on the more well-known and renowned tournaments and leagues. One of them is the RLCS, which we have already described in this article. The prize pool for this tournament is estimated to be approximately $ 2,000,000. Such a large prize pool shows once again the size of the esports scene.


Why the game is so popular

Rocket League is not a classic first-person shooter or a MOBA game, which are quite common in the esports scene. It’s also not a game that has received a lot of hype like Fortnite. Because of this, many gamers and users wonder why the game has become so well known and loved. This is due to the RL game concept. The combination of car and soccer is perfect for many men, because these two interests are very common in this gender. In addition, unlike first-person shooters, the game has no age limit. For this reason, many children and young people also get a taste for RL.


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