NBA 2K Betting

In this article we are going to  talk about the world famous Basketball game NBA 2K and the Esport scene.


What is NBA 2K and how is it  played?

NBA 2K is a Basketball simulator game which name is composed of “NBA” (National Basketball Association) and the 2K which stands for 2000. Usually two numbers follow which represent the current year (e.g.NBA  2K15 for 2015 / NBA 2K20 for 2020). It is similar to the games Madden and FIFA. In NBA 2K you control not only one player for the whole team but you control 5 individual players on different starting positions in the standard basketball team.


The Esport scene in NBA 2K

The NBA 2K league is the first one which is led and organized  by a professional league  in America. This is a next huge step in the direction of the Esport promotion in America. In an extensive casting, more than 70.000 candidates have applied  for one of  six places in the team. The best 250 players were elected but only 120 made it. They got a of contract six month and received a total of 32.000$. When they win the league, they get a prize of 300.000$ from 1.000.000$ prize money.


Things you should pay attention to while betting

Do researches – You should do this step for all of your bets. It is clear that you should have the necessary background knowledge when you are interested in an Esport title. Additionally you have to inform yourself about Line-Ups, tactics and other changes during the season etc. .

Only place bets when you have enough money – This is also important for other bets. You have to know when it is enough and how much money you really want to invest. Don’t exceed  this previously imagined money limit.

Watch Livestreams – Watching the games live is not only more exciting but you also learn much more about the teams and players. Because of that you can place you bets smarter and make a bit more money than before.

Compare the quotes – This step is also important for all bets. Doing this you can save money and maximize your win among others. The higher the odds, the higher the wins!

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