League of Legends Esport Bets

In this article we invite you to Riot Games most sucessful MOBA game League of Legends, explain the different classes and tournaments once again.


League of Legends

Similar to Dota2, the Esport title League of Legends is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Video Game). The concept of League of Legends is almost the same like Dota2 except one aspect. In League of Legends minions spawn and move along the lane to the hostile tower. While moving along the lane the minions have to pass three towers. There are three lanes, the first lane is the Top Lane , the second the Mid and the third the Bottom Lane. In the base there are three inhibitors, positoned on each lane. Once the inhibitor of one team is destroyed, a new stronger minion spawns and leads the minion troops. A jungel area exists between the lanes in which you can kill neutral creatures to get gold, esperience and temporary effects.


The different classes of League of Legends.

In League of Legends there are different classes of these so-called Champions. Every class has their own benefit and usually three classes are chosen before the match starts. In Esports the player specialize in particular classes and train their skills in hundred to thousand hour of gaming. You can choose between the following classes in League of Legends:

Tanks- These characters are close combat fighters, who can take more damage than others. Tanks mostly guard other characters in team fights and get the greatest possible damage.

Fighter- This class has the lowest health but damage the enemy the most. In fights like one vs. one they win very often different to team fights in which they really must take care not to get much damage.

Assassins- The Assassins are specialized to damage the enemy in a short time of period the most, to kill fast and effective. This class is pefect for raid but have very less live.

Magician and Marksman- These classes start slow but get during the game more stronger and powerful. The mages are famouse for their skill damage, which can activated by the AP( Ability Power). The Marksman are well known for their AD (Attack Damage) which can activated through the normal attacks.

Supporter- The name says it, the class supports an allied Champion( mostly on the Bot lane). The supporter class has the power to heal a Champion, paralyse and strenghthen an allied Champion.


Tournaments in League of Legends

The same like in other Esport titles, the developer (Riot Games) organizes the biggest tournament in Esport sector. This tournament is called The League of Legends World Championship. Each continent has its own regions in which you can qualify for tournaments, events, and leagues. An example is LEC (League of Legends European Championship) in which you play against the best Esport teams in Europe. The counterpart, in the north american continent, is called LCS(League of Legends Championship Series). The LCK (League of Legends Champions Korea) is an exclusive tournamnet only for Korea. In this torunament the best teams in Korea play against each other due to the reason that the competitive Esport is immense and very well known in Korea. Because of that the Esport scene is characterized by many Korean teams and players who win often the League of Legends Championship.

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