FIFA Esports Bets

In this article we are going to explain- similar to the last article- what FIFA is about, which tournaments are organized and why exaclty this esport title is so attractive in germany.


What is FIFA?

FIFA is the shortcut for Fédération Internationale de Football Association. A private federation which controls the Association of all areas. So it is not an esport title but a Football Association. The game series FIFA ( used to be called FIFA Football or FIFA Soccer) is a soccer simulation developed by the publisher EA. Every year EA publishes a new title of the series which has the year number as its name (e.g. FIFA 19 in the year 2019 or FIFA 20 in the year 2020). FIFA Esports is espacially popular in Germany.


Similar to real soccer in the game there are 11 vs 11 players but the difference in FIFA each player is controlled by one person. The game is played with a controller and has the same rules like regular soccer. The team with the most goals wins the game.

Those of you who bet on real soccer games, the esport titles are much easier for you. Because of betting on one single player and not the whole 11 players it is much easier and safer to vote in the popular esport title than in real life. In addition there is no environmental influence for which reason the game has to stop. Furthermore players won’t fail or won’t be unable to participate in the game due to injuries. Every soccer player always plays consistently according to the skills he got from the developer.


Which different tournaments are organized?

From time to time, it became clear that FIFA enters the Esports sector due to more and more realism in the game, FIFA 20 is a good example. The gaming experience became more intensive and more realistic additionally to the improved graphics. Similar to CS:GO and Dota2 the publisher stands behind the biggest tournament. A characteristic for the FIFA Global Series, which is organized every year,is that the best players worldwide compete against each other. The Global Series is set up like a league in soccer. The aim is to get a place in the FIFA eWorld Cup. The Requirement for that is to win a lot of games before.


Different FIFA Esports tournaments

FUT Champions Verified- In the FIFA Ultimate Team Champions Verified events are organized every week in which you must win 27 games only on the weekend to get a ranking in the Global Series. The higher your score the higher is the chance to get invited to a more advanced tournament.

FUT Champions Cup- Every Global Series includes 6 Champions-Cup-Events over one season. In these so called Cup Events 32 different players play against each other for a reward of 200.000$. Therefore, FIFA players have to qualify in online qualifications for a place in the Champions Cup Events.

FIFA League Qualifying Tournaments- 20 different professional leagues exist worldwide who are sponsored with EA Sports. In these leagues player get the chance to represent their own club. These FIFA League Qualifying Tournaments include for example the Bundesliga, the Premier League, Ligue 1, Major League Soccer and much more. The winner can qualify for the FIFA Global Series Playoffs.

FIFA eChampions League- This three stage tournament, which includes an online qualifier, is a replication of the Champions League. Only verified Ps4 players are allowed to participate in this 280.000$ tournament.

FIFA Majors- eNations Cup and eClub World Cup- These two tournaments are the most popular in the betting scene. The point system is similar to the FUT Champions Cup, both tournaments just offer a 100.000$ reward.

FIFA Global Series Playoffs- The best 64 players of both platforms (Playstation and Xbox) in the global ranking are invited to the Playoffs in which they can collect points. Only 16 of 64 players can qualify for the FIFA eWorld Cup. There is a reward of 250.000$ for each of both platforms.

FIFA eWorld Cup-The biggest tournament of the year (Similar to CS:GO the Major or in Dota2 the internatonals) is the FIFA EWolrd Cup. In this tournament the best 16 players play against each other for a reward of 500.000$. Without doubt the FIFA eWorld Cup is the torunament with the highest viewers, in which the Champion is crowned.


What is the reason for the FIFA Esports popularity in Germany?

The answer is simple, each team (with exception of Bayern München, BVB Dortmund und others) has their own Esport gamer. The virtual Bundesliga is divided in two divisions, the south-east-division and the north-west-division. The difference between the “real” Bundesliga and the virtuel Bundesliga is that clubs like Hannover 96 or FC Ingolstadt 04 can lead the league table as well. Due to these variation weaker clubs can celebrate wins as well.

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