E-sport betting in Germany

Within the last few years, esports has spread more and more in Germany. Many of the top E-sport betting teams such as Unicorns of Love, mouz and BIG have their roots in Germany.

Like “normal” sports, E-sport is ideal for betting. The fact that this has gained popularity should come as no surprise here. This article explains where betting is more profitable here in Germany and what to watch out for.


E-sport betting

League of Legends and CS:GO are the most popular games among E-sport fans in Germany. For this games you can quickly find websites for betting. Some other games like Dota2, Overwatch, Fortnite and PUBG have gained some popularity in Germany.  However, a relatively obscure game genre is slowly enjoying greatness in Germany as well. Sports games like FIFA or NBA 2K are enjoying more growth lately.



How to bet

With the growing popularity of E-sport betting, here comes the question which type of bets are available. The simplest and most known form is to bet on the result of the game. In special cases, for some tournaments there is a bonus for accumulating the correct bets.

Another possibility is the so called live-bet betting. Here you bet on certain events that happen during the game.


Payment options

Because of the complex regulations regarding betting in Germany, you have to make sure that the betting operator acts according to German regulations.

Therefore, it is all the more important to pay attention to a secure payment method. A convenient and secure method is to use a credit card or a giro card. Visa or Mastercard credit cards are accepted by many platforms and offer a high level of security.

Another option is to use an online wallet. Skrill and Neteller are popular payment providers that most platforms accept.


Tips for betting in the E-sport field

When it comes to betting in E-sport, you need to keep some principles in mind. Here are three tips that are essential for betting and its success:


Greed will get you nowhere:

Betting on a huge multiplier as the reason for your bet will get you nowhere. A big chance of winning only shows you how unlikely your bet is to succeed. Constantly betting on such things will make you poor.


Analyze as much as you can:

Try to find out a lot about your favorite E-sport, the teams and their players. Every knowledge is valuable when it comes to betting. You will be amazed how even a small piece of information will increase your success rate.


Bet on games you have played:

When it comes to recognizing good bets, it is beneficial to play the game you are betting on.  Here you have a greater insight into how the game works and what should be done to win the game. This is good knowledge which can be used.

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