Top Esports betting platforms for 2021

Our Esports Gamblers betting partners will be offering you to bet on games such as CSGO, Dota 2, LoL and more.

Which esports betting providers do we recommend?

On our home page you can see a list of esports betting providers that we can recommend. Although esports betting is still relatively new, some established providers have switched from regular sports betting to esports betting and thus already have experience in this area. Due to the growing enthusiasm for computer games, we belive that the esports betting area will also grow in the future and more providers will be added.

For which games esports bets are offered?

Our partners offering esports betting for the following games (in alphabetical order):

Where can I get information about tournaments etc.?

Just follow our blog, we regularly post news about esports. You can then decide for yourself whether a tournament or event arouses your interest and is worth betting on. Of course, you can also just search on the internet for the latest tournaments and the currently best players with high chances to win.

What is esports and what is esports betting?

Esports is nothing more than a normal sport, but it is played virtually. There are players, teams and tournaments that are played in a competitive match. We have already listed the most popular esports games that you can bet on. Esports betting is, of course, still relatively new on the market, but due to the growing popularity of computer games and the streaming site Twitch, a lot of hype has been created in this area. Therefore, many "normal" sports betting providers now also have esports betting in their program.

What are the advantages and features of esports betting?

One feature, for example, is that the betting odds are calculated by experts and re-estimated for each game, just like in real life sports. At the same time, each betting provider has its own experts, which means that the odds can also vary. Therefore, it makes sense to look at several sites and then bet on the best average odds.

Since in esports, as in real sports, a lot depends on the skill and training of the players and teams, the victories of the teams often do not depend on luck. A small portion is always there, e.g. by an unexpected comeback etc., but this is part of it and makes the charm. Wrong decisions by the referee are not gamechangers like in real sports, so esports games are usually much fairer. Often established teams with experienced players will win, but of course it can happen that also new teams, that have put much more effort in the training, can win. If an underdog wins, this is often due to objective reasons, such as a spontaneous change in the roster or a bad form.

Of course, you can follow the games live, just like in real sports. Unlike in "normal" sports, you don't have to pay any fees or subscribe to any services for money. Most tournaments are streamed on Twitch. Twitch is completely free to use and provides HD quality. Also possible are streams on YouTube but are represented rather rarely on this platform.

How can I place esports bets?

The registration procedures of the providers differ only slightly from each other. Thus, a registration is often possible in a few minutes without any problems and you can start right away. The exact procedure is often explained click by click directly at the provider’s site. In addition, some sites offer a bonus for the first bet, so it is worthwhile to look at several providers. Since the odds can differ, as mentioned earlier, that’s another reason to look at different sites. We therefore recommend registering on several sites and providers and wish you a lot of fun and good results with your betting!

Which profit can jump out at the end for me?

Example: Let's take a tournament A. Team B and Team C play against each other. You research the odds at some betting sites and find out that the odds for the victory of team B are 1.54. If you then bet X$ on team B, the odds for the victory of team C are 1.54. If you then bet X$ on team B and it wins, your bet is then multiplied by the factor 1.54.
So for a bet of 15$ you would have a profit of 15$ x 1,54 = 23,10$.
By combining bets, a significant increase in profit is possible, but the risk also increases.
Team B from before wins with odds of 1.54, but you also bet on the overall victory of Team D, which had odds of 3.12 and also wins. So now you have to multiply all numbers together:
Bet x odds 1 x odds 2 = profit
You can combine as many bets as you like. For this example, this would mean:
15 $ (bet) x 1,54 (odd 1) x 3,12 (odd 2) = 72,072 $ (profit)
So you would have almost quintupled your bet.

Where can I exchange information with like-minded people about esports betting?

Our community is mainly active on our Discord server. If you want to discuss about bets or odds or just want to exchange ideas with others, you are welcome to join our server. There are also giveaways on the server, which everyone can participate in for free.

Esports betting in the game League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the biggest esports games ever. If you are interested in betting in LoL, we recommend you reading our article about it.
Riot Games has built a community of over 60 million players for the game League of Legends and regularly organizes big tournaments with high prize pools. The 3 biggest tournaments are the LCS, the LoL Worlds and the MSI (Mid Season Invitational).
The following bets on the game LoL are offered by most providers:
- Match winner (winner from a match of two teams).
- Overall winner/ winner of the tournament
- Special bets (First Pentakill, First Blood, etc.)

Esports betting in the game CS:GO

CS:GO, like League of Legends, is one of the most popular and successful esports games. We have also written an article about betting in CS:GO for you.
Although the game has only about 6 million active players, they are very active and often support Valve since the launch of the game in 2012. CS:GO also has the highest tournament density of all esports games and is therefore particularly attractive to gain first betting experience.
The following bets on the game CS:GO are offered by most providers:
- Winner of a match between two teams
- Map victories
- Group winners in major tournaments
- Handicap betting

Are esports bets legal?

Yes, esports betting, like other sports betting is legal in majority of the countries that allows betting. As mentioned earlier, "normal" sports betting is not very different from esports betting. The legalization and liberalization of the betting market has led to decriminalization and acceptance among the population. In case of country-specific laws, the esports betting operators will majority of the time block your visit to their website if you’re not allowed to bet on their platform based on their license, they will check your country/IP automatically upon landing on their website and you should see a notification which won’t be missed if they cannot accept you as a player.

Are there bonus bets in esports?

Yes, some betting operators also offer the possibility to place bonus bets. You will be credited with a certain amount when you make a deposit on their platform or place a bet. However, this varies from operator to operator, so it is best to check it directly on the esports betting platform itself.

Where to bet on esports?

You can bet on several esports games e.g. CS:GO, League of Legends or Dota 2. On our home page you can see a list of esports betting sites that we can recommend. On which games specifically you can bet is already answered in the question “For which games esports bets are offered?”.
Due to the rising interest for computer games, we think that in the future there will be a growth in the esports sector so that more operators will add esports betting to their platforms.

How to bet on esports?

You can take a look at our betting guide to see how general esports bets work. In addition to that, we have betting guides for specific games on which you can bet on the sites from our esports betting partners.
For more information of placing bets and the registration process on betting sites you can read the paragraph “How can I place esports bets?”.

How does esports betting work?

You can read our betting guide to learn how the basics work. Also, we have specific betting guides for all the games you can bet on, since every game has slightly different opportunities for betting. Roughly said, esports bets are like real sports bets but you have of course different game modes and events.
For example at the game CS:GO you have odds which will be multiplied with your bet. For more information about that you can read the paragraph “Which profit can jump out at the end for me”.

How to bet in Dota 2?

You can read our article for tips in betting in Dota 2. Dota 2 bets can be placed at some of the Dota 2 betting sites which are mentioned on our homepage. At these sites from our trustful partners, you can bet and get further information about odds.

Where to bet Dota 2 items?

Dota 2 bets can be executed through different betting sites. A good selection of some trustful sites can be found on our home page. This sites also offer different statistics for some matches like odds etc. Dota 2 skin betting can as well be done over the sites from our partners. More information about what exactly has to be done in order to bet on Dota 2 can be found directly on the betting sites mentioned on our home page. Also, you can read our article about betting in Dota 2 to learn how betting in Dota 2 exactly works.

How to bet on League of Legends?

League of Legend betting has a very big community. Since the game LoL has one of the biggest tournaments in the esports community and the prize pools for the teams are very high, there are many matches to bet on. There are especially three events or possibilities on which you can bet: On the match winner, on the overall winner or on special bets like the first pentakill etc. You can bet from the age of 18, for more information about betting in LoL you can read our article about it or visit our homepage.

Where to bet on League of Legends?

League of Legends betting can be done through different esports betting sites. For more information about some of our trustful partners, you can visit our home page. There you can find several sites which offer esports betting and provide some stats like the best esports odds etc. There is no best League of Legends betting site, for the best success it is essential to use different sites since the odds can differ and every site has slightly other conditions or bonusses. Here are some League of Legends betting tips.

How to bet on Valorant?

Since the Valorant betting community is not as big as e.g. League of Legends or Dota 2 betting, you can also get higher profits since less bettors mean higher chances to win. As always it is essential to observe current favorite teams and have a look on current odds. However, there are not as much opportunities for betting like on other games. Here you often can just bet on the match winner or loser. For a better understanding of Valorant betting you can read our article about it.

Where to bet on Valorant?

On our homepage there is a selection of trustful sites which offer Valorant betting. There you also can get more information about betting in Valorant and as well information about odds etc.

How to bet in Rocket League?

For Rocket League betting tips just click on the link. To sum up, you can bet on different events on Rocket league. First the obvious: You can bet on tournaments, like on every other esports game. There you can pick which team will win and also guess the score. Big events in Rocket League are e.g. the Championship Series or the World Championship. However, for the game Rocket League there are some more opportunities for betting. You can make a handicap bet, bet on map/match/overall event winners or bet on the correct points and scores. In order to raise your chances of winning, it is important to be up to date. Therefore, you can read our blog, to see which teams are currently the best in the world and which events are happening in the moment. Also, it is good if you play this game yourself so that you have an understanding for the different game mechanics and make better decisions.

Where to bet on Rocket League?

Rocket League esports betting is not only luck, but you also have to prepare yourself and do research on odds and the current favorite teams. Therefore, you can use our blog or take a look at our partners on our homepage.

How to bet skins in CS:GO?

If you want to bet skins in CS:GO, you have to go to the weapon case. These occur during or at the end of the game. If you get to one of these, you have to open the case with a key. But this key must be purchased before. You can only buy the right key for one specific case. So not each key fits with every case. Once you have a skin you can use it during the game, or you bet these on specialized websites like on the websites of our partners. These skins have real value so you can use them instead of real money. For a betting guide, you can have a look at out article “what is esports betting?.

How to bet skins on CS:GO?

You are interested in CS:GO betting with skins? And you do not know how to do it? We have the answer for you! Maybe you already bought a skin in CS:GO then you have an advantage. You can use it instead of real money. So once you are enthusiastic about betting and don’t want to bet with our partner websites, you can look up for other operators. However, it is very important to check regulations and licenses on each platform you’re about to bet on for your own safety. For more information check out the article for CS:GO betting.

How to build a CS:GO bet site?

You are wondering how to start with a CS:GO betting site? First of all, you have to make sure with which websites you want to cooperate. You can look up the best CS:GO betting sites on our website. Then it’s important that you clarify your topic (This will be CS:GO betting) and then steps like getting a gaming license, secure payment methods and of course think about your own website. And after that is done make sure to stay tuned and always up to date.

How to bet with CS:GO cases?

If you are interested in CS:GO betting, a common and popular method concerning betting is the skin betting. In the game there occur from time-to-time different cases with different skins in it. Did you ever wonder what to do with it? You can use them to stand out from our team with colorful weapons but also use them as a betting currency. A lot of games only accept real money for betting, this is not the case in CS:GO. Here you can use the skins as a bet. You can find more Information about CS:GO betting here.

How to trick CS:GO betting free coins?

In CS:GO getting free coins for betting is not possible. You always have to buy skins or invest your own money in the game or a bet. But there is a way to make your money more worth than you originally would invest. In general, on some websites you can get a bonus on our invested money. This is the only way you can get more out of your investments. For this you can check out our partners on our website.

How to trade skins for real money?

In CS:GO it is possible to trade with skins. But before you do this you have to buy keys to open the cases during the game. Once you did that and received a skin you can use them to wear during a game or trade directly with it. Here is some general information about esports betting.

A few things you should know before you get started:

  1. Our community is totally a free of charge community and you are more than welcome to join our Discord channel to learn all the tricks our people are sharing and use it to your own advantage.
  2. We are working with different Esports betting platforms, all of them have licenses and you should check whether the license they hold is approved and authorised in your country.
  3. Some of the bonuses/coupons that we provide via our partners are exclusive to us – therefore you can enjoy it by taking advantage and playing with more money than your initial deposit.

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